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help!! im getting pain in lower tummy!!!

hay all!!! if you cld help me or give me ne advice cld u plz!!!

1.05am this moring i woke up with reli bad pain in my left lower back! i then got up went to the toilet and tryed to get confy again! then at 3 am i woke again with reli bad period pain in my lower tummy!! so i went down and got some paracetamol, went bk to bed got confy then was off an on with period pains till 7 am this moring i then went to get up and i got this reli reli horrific pain very unbearable i held on to the bannister and called for my mum!!! thats lasted bout 10 mins!! then frew out the day i have been gettin bad back pain and period pain!!!i foned the mw at 12pm and i had to fone bk at half 1 with how meny pains i had in an hor an a half which was 4 and the mw wen i foned bk said that i was in early labour but the pains have eased so what is happening to me??/

gemma 36 + 4 xxx


  • im not quite sure could it oof been bh contractions ive been having really bad back ache for the last 4 days and occasionly get pains in my stomache you could be in slow labour
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