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40+5 today and cant handle this waiting around!

hi, wondered if anyone wanted to give me any advice, im due at the mw on thurs...which is my due date and she will organise a sweep for next week and book my induction in case the sweep doesnt work..which iv heard is quit epossible!!!! i realy do not want to be induced as i hate the hospital and i want to spend my early labour at home with my fella without all the horrible machines checkin me out all the time so if anyone could give me some advice on gettin things goin id really appreciate it!!! I started takin raspberry leaf capsules yesterday and am gettin all the symptoms of labour(cramps, back ache, aches n pains) but then they just stop!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!image


  • Hun im afraid to say you left the rasberry leaf way way to late for them to do any good. I would say to go for a good long walk up a hill or two then come home, eat a curry and then go to bed and have loads of sex.
    Sorry its not much help. Good luck for the birth. x
  • i no everyone keeps sayin i left it too late...never mind! cant be long now...surely! gonna go for a walk round the park tonight with my fella before the football n hope that my little fella decides to show his face to come n cheer the lads on too!lol!
  • Sadly there's nothing you can do. Babies come when they're ready as I discovered. I took raspberry leaf from 32 weeks and had loads of sex! I was induced at 41+2 and had my baby at 41+4 - 11 days late. The induction failed - my baby really didnt want to come - and they gave up and did a section. But all seems like so long ago! When your baby is here the waiting will be a distant memory. Its worth trying sex and a curry though...didnt work for me, but does for some! Maybe try expressing breast milk - this is supposed to work - again it didnt work for me, lol
  • 8drops of jasmine oil mixed in a cup of milk n then poured in ur bath water is supposed to help im gonna give it a go tomorow! also carley sage (sp) oil put on a warm cloth on ur bump is meant to help stimulate contractions so i got told on bus but apparently it smells like cat pee so i may not try that one lolxxx
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