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Stretch Marks


I can't stop obsessing about stretchmarks. I am currently 29 weeks and so far don't have any. When did other people start developing them and does anyone have any good tips for avoiding them. i am using cocoa butter at the moment



  • I had my first 'stretch mark' quite early at about 23/4 weeks - but this was purely because i had a surface peircing on my stomach up untill about a year ago (im 39 weeks now) so the scar split. But i don't think i had any 'real' stretch marks until a bit later.

    Cocoa butter is fantastic - but Bio Oil, ive found has been a godsend. Ive used both - Bio oil after a shower or bath so its extra relaxation and the cocoa butter whenever i get the urge lol. And try not to worry about them! Even if you get some, they'll fade!

  • Hi
    Jack is 6 weeks old now and i dont have a single mark. I used Palmers Cocoa butter all the way through my pregnancy. I also think its in our genes as my mum and sisiter didnt get any either!!
  • Don't start worrying about them until you get them - you might actually not get any! I have had 3 children and although I've got a flabby tummy after 3 huge babies I never got a single stretch mark. It's probably genetic as to whether you get them or not but just keep your fingers crossed! If you haven't got any yet you might be one of the fortunate ones!
  • Hi, i am 32 weeks and started getting a few on my side but not loads. They say they tend to appear in the 6th and 7th month of pregnacy. It also depends if you mum got them and how elastic your skin is. I do think though whatever you use if you are going to get them you will. They will fade though after birth. Try not to worry too much and try and keep your skin nice and supple and apply lots of oil.
  • Im covered. Had my first 1 at about 13 weeks, have been using bio oil and palmers cocoa butter since 6 wks pregnant. I was gutted but not alot i can do about it now. Think you either get them or you wont. Got over it now and keep telling myself that its all worth it-even tho ive got a road map on my tummy!!!
  • My friend's mum told me to use Revlon moisturiser for dry skin with almond oil in and I did for all 3 kids. I got my one and only stretchmark the day b4 my third baby was born! It's 1cm long above my belly button so hardly there at all now!
    It worked for me but I really think it depends on your skin type...I must be stretchy - didn't tear with any of them either!!!
  • hi. i have loads fo them, but i have had 5 babies!!! i see them as a permanent happy reminder of my 5 lovely kids.
    i used all sorts while pregnant with all of them but nothing worked, i guess i was just prone to stretch marks.xxxxxxxx
  • I'm 33 weeks and over the past two weeks have started to get them on my hips, they're quite deep. I also have some on the right-hand side of my belly, but i think this is because lo likes to lean across that side. Don't mind too much about the stretchmarks though to be honest, a safe, healthy baby is my main priority. I've also been using Palmers on my stomach and boobs, and its deffo helped fade the ones on my boobs.

  • My bump looks like a map of the London Underground or a toboggin track as they are quite deep. Got them with my first child and they are back with vengeance again - pretty much from when I started showing - which was early plus they were still there from 1st time around.

    My Mum got them quite bad too with me and my brother so it must be a gene thing. Doesnt seem to make any difference what I use. Just got used to the idea that to some extent they are always goning to be there.

    37+5 wks.
  • my mum didnt get any in her two pregnancies, and i had none until very late on... id say about 37weeks. i was using both bio oil and cocoa butter but ended up covered! ive had my baby now and they're still pretty deep and red, i keep describing my tummy as raspberry ripple ice cream. but its all worth it and im sure they'll fade. everybody is different x
  • I am 26 weeks and have been using Palmers cocoa butter but with no luck because a few weeks ago I noticed a MASSIVE stretchmark on my belly and it's getting worse & I'm getting more too. I know they aren't very attractive but tbh I'm not exactly going to wear a bikini anyway right now. Remember they do fade and aren't really noticeable after a few months so try not to worry, like the others said I think if ur going to get them u will and there's nothing you can do xxx
  • all you lucky people without stretch marks. i have loads all over my belly and have had them from about 12 weeks. i've been using palmers cocoa butter which makes them fade really quickly so i have lots of pretty silver lines at the min lol
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