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did any1 go thru their birth alone

have any 1 gone thru birth alone and if u have how was it?
well im a single mum my lo is 9 months old so hel b goin to my dads wen i go into labour and i dnt have a birth partner bcoz my mum has booked her hol for wen im due so if i go into around the same time as i did with my lo itl b 2 days after my due date and ive recently moved so i dnt have many friends n the ones i do have just wudnt want to be there!!


  • Sorry hun, I had DH and my mum with me but didn't want to R&R. I couldn't have gone through it on my own (at least not without A LOT of pain relief!) but everyone is different - and you are the only one who knows how you feel about it.

    Have you thought about hiring a doula? I bet they are really expensive, but I hear that they are WONDERFUL. Or could you hire a nanny to look after your LO and get your dad to come in with you?

    It's really a tricky situation, but I am sure you will do just fine. Good luck.

  • Hi Bekz, my Mum went throught labour with my big brother alone, she drove herself to hosp, parked up, had him and then drove home again - she is a bit mental.

    The reason behind it is a bit sad, he husband was killed in a car crash when she was 8months pregnant and her mum and dad were very elderly (in nursing home) so they couldn't be with her, she is an only child so no siblings to be there.

    I think because of the situation she also wanted to be alone and decided to go it alone. I think it sounds sad when she talks about it but she's a very strong woman and took the view that nobody could replace her husband so she was better off alone.

    I'm sure if you are alone the hosp staff will def take this into consideration, you are very brave x
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