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Labour the second time around.

hi guys, just wondering how everyones 2nd time labour was...

I has my first child premature, my contractions started at about 8 in the morning. went to hospital by 9, and was not even 2cm dilated (was told i had hours to go).. however, Had very very strong contractions after 9 and gave bith to my baby girl at 10 past 10. WITH NO NURSE OR DOCTOR IN THE ROOM!

Well anyway enough about that, me and my partner are now trying to concieve our second child.. I no all labours are different, but how was your second labours, did you find it harder etc...

Thanks for all replies in advance. XX


  • Hi Jemma,
    My second labour was pretty straight forward, my first was 16 1/2hrs and number 2 was only 3hrs, when i had number 3 though it went back to 16hrs as was with new partner!
    Good luck in ttc number 2.xx

  • Oh how relieved am i, that is the thing that is putting me off having another one. My son is 10mths, i always said i would have them close together. But my pregnancy wasnt very good (spd,all day sickness for 5mths, terrible labour...etc).

    I had a 3 day labour had to stay in hospital for 2 days afterwards because they couldnt be bothered to do Kaiden's (my son) assessment until the 2nd day or even check on him for that matter. Considering he needed oxygen & wasnt moving when he was born, it was worrying.

    Anyway, im going on a bit, the main thing is, i am scared to go through all that again!

    Tess x
  • It definately is quicker 2nd time around and as everyone will tell you no 2 pregnancies are the same, you shouldnt let a bad one put you off.

    Apart from one (post on this in ttc, importance of folic acid) all my pregnancies have been pretty straight forward, well apart from all the sickness in this one! All my labours have been good too, my quickest was my 2nd like i said and the more you have (with the same partner) the quicker they get!

    Hope this helps.xxxx

  • hi. my 3rd was my quickest at 20 minutes!!! but all 5 of my labours have got shorter each time. my first was only 8 hrs and 20hrs 39 minutes which is good for a first
  • Wow I hope this is true for me ladies!! Am due in 9 weeks with baby no 2 and was wondering the same thing. Was only in established labour for 5 hours first time so anything quicker than that is definately fine by me!!!

    Why does it make a difference if they are with the same partner? Mine are but I'm just curious lol.

    Faith, 30+6.xxxxxxx
  • i think the thing that makes 2nd birth easier is you know what to expect and your body has been through it before. i managed my 2nd labour with only gas and air and i enjoyed the experience... i think i was just terrified the first time round LOL
    no.1 induced at 42 weeks, 6 hours labour, born 8lb2
    no.2 1 week early, 3hours labour (12hours of contractions), born 6lb13.5
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