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Gas & Air

What does it actually do???
Does it help with pain at all? x x x:\?


  • hi sophia,i sat in the bath for most of the labour (highly recommend it) and had gas and air when baby was coming, it doesnt make the pain go away but it does take the edge off it, the only feeling i can remember was that it made my lips (on my face lol) feel all rubbery. i tried gas and air with my 1st and it made me feel sick but was ok 2nd. oh wanted some too but never got a chance, i wasnt letting go for anything lol.
  • Ha thats funny!!
    I hope my fiance gets home for our baby's birth image
    My sister had a water birth and she loved it, thats my main fear though, water i hate it and i hate being in pools etc. . i do have baths though!!
    I am so undecided on what pain relief i want, i am so scared of pain such a wimp x
  • i know exactly what you mean, i cry over a paper cut, how i managed to have kids ill never know, but at least you get something wonderful at the end of it. i hope for you that he is home my oh never shows his feelings or anything like that but seeing his face when babies were born was amazing.
  • Paper cuts really hurt though they are only small but so sore!!
    My fiance is very caring but cause he is a soldier he acts really macho and doesnt like to open up too much, bless him but since i got pregnant he talks about the baby non stop. I am wishing he will be back in the uk at least so i know he is safe.
    How many children do you already have? my mom always says the pain goes instantly when you see your baby for the first time x
  • isnt it funny how the biggest of men turn to mush when it comes to babies, ive got 2 girl 3 and wee man is 10 1/2 wks, it true what your mum says, you seem to have the memory of a golfish when it come to childbirth, how long have you got left, it must be hard on your own especially your oh were he is. mine wasnt much help when i was pregnant but i dont think i could have coped without him, in a weird sort of way.x
  • Im due 6 eeks today, although im sure i will go slightly over that date (may 2nd).
    it is difficult but i am doing ok, have close family and friends to help me.
    I think its just nice to have your partner around whether they are much help or not, and its so important for them to be a part of everything as its such a big thing xxx
  • Gas and air is luuuuurvely, they should plumb it in houses with the running water image Some people don't like it but i found it just took the edge off the pain and let me believe i wasn't dying at all (which i think i said at some point!). The mouthpiece was rather nice to bite on as well instead of OH's knuckles!! :lol: He got a bit bored with the whole pregnancy thing but was fantastic in labour for me, i couldn't have done it without him, he really surprised me.
    I agree with u chucky, bath is really good too. Just go with the flow Sophia, u can't imagine how you'll feel.
  • I LOVE GAS AND AIR! i slept between contractions and floated whilst having themand yes mouthpeice very good for biting i think i broke one with my first baby tho i can't remember much.
  • I dont think you can actually decide until the your in labour becouse everyone has different pain levels I started off with gas and air until contractions got really intense and in my front and back then decided on epidural which was lovely but as I wasnt progressing I dont think it helped. eventually I needed topping up less than every hour which they will not do .
  • Hey sophia,
    Gas and air generally takes the edge off the pain and makes labour pains more bearable, they say it works best if you inhale it at the correct time like take a big lungful right at the start of a contraction (contractions are more intense in the middle) and it should take the intensity away slightly.
    After you have been inhaling gas and air for a bit it kind of makes you feel like you are in a bit of a dream world and makes things seem less real.
    It made me really dehydrated, i was constantly guzzling water glass after glass!
    Gas and air worked well for me in the early stages of labour but after i had been taking it for a few hours it started to make me feel really sick and i didnt want it anymore for fear of actually being sick.
    Toni x
  • Hi Sophia, I think Gas and Air is wonderful, i managed on it through most of my labour, it kind of made me feel like i was in another planet and very pissed! My OH kept telling me to only take it when i needed it as i had it clamped between my teeth permanently but then my labour pains were thick and fast!
    The only downfall is they took it off me when it was time to push so unlike other pain relief it doesn't last thru that stage!
  • Hello mums&bumps/babies. . .
    Thank you so much for replies everyones been so helpful. Ive decided to put gas&air and an epidural on my birth plan, just incase i do want one at least they will know. Hope your all well x sophia x
  • I didn't like it only had a little then just did it myself. And I thought I would be a wimp cause I hate pain. Was in the water tho so that helped and used TENS machine up til then. Its definitely worth a go. I don't think you can decide properly until it's happening. I was in and out of the bath and used lots of hot water bottles. It changes as the pain progresses tho. My hubby was the best cause I just held on to him each time one came. Very reassuring. You should put it down anyway and then at least you can change your mind. x
  • hi sophia, well my hubby is a soldier, and he was back for the birth and i had him in tears. h couldnt see me in so much pain. i only had 6 hr labour n gas n air??? wow i would recommende it, big tym xx
  • Hi Joey, i really want to try with just gas& air as i dont want to risk having forceps delivery etc. . i think my fiance would cry if he could be here for the birth dont think he will be though imagex x x

    LOL! That rings a bell!
    Love the Gas and air!- The mask bit came off while I was in labour and the whole room filled up- twas very funny watching the midwife holding her breath and trying not to giggle at the same time!
    My husband however, was taking in massive lung fulls and loveing it!
  • hi ladies..
    im due in 2 weeks and bloody terrified lol
    i recently moved to scotland where they have a no epidural policy... AAAHHHH
    so i dont have much choice than to use gas & air.. i have to say mind you, that reading your posts, and how positive they are is brill and has given me the confidence now. so a very big THANK YOU to you all...
    maybe using just gas & air wont be so bad after all....:roll:

  • I got through mine by telling myself "What's the alternative"?
    Depending on your pain threshold, I recommend water and an early pethadine injection. It's not as bad as you think aswell, I spend my last few weeks being told how horrible labour is by the midwives and worrying about it- when I got there- it wasn't that bad, despite the SPD, unworking epidural, big baby back to back and contractions!
    You will be fine, relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, you'll miss having that little baby inside you.
  • I hope it doesnt feel that bad!! I am just looking forward to it now anyway x x x
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