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FAO Emmilysmummy or Derby girls!

Also In due in May

I saw a thread a while ago re derby hospital and emmilys mummy was a midwife there, but anyone with experience of derby and/or funny beds to give birth on I would love to hear your experiences!

We went on a tour of the department yesterday, and saw the midwife led care labour rooms. I am VERY perplexed about the funny beds in the room! I realise an active birth is the ideal, and i plan to be as active as possible, however the beds were more like futons and a funny shape, and more to the point really low down. I askd if they could come up higher and apparently not! I'm 6 foot and really think i would struggle to get down onto the bed, and if im being active and maybe sitting on the bed for a bit then getting up, I just cant imagine that this makes the process easier. (Have visions of having to fling myself on the floor to get back up.. god knows how i get down in the first place!) And more to the point when actually in labour, legs akimbo etc how on earth are the midwives at the right height to assist? Do they have to get on their knees?

I wasnt concerned about going into hospital at all before i saw the beds now i just think it looks really uncomfortable and made for shorter people. LOL..
Anybody got experience of these beds??



  • Hey! The beds are just matresses on the floor! But they are comfortable and the ladies love to use them to labour and birth on! The reason they are funny shaped is so that there is a nook for us to get into to catch the baby (on our knees)! Midwife led is lovely! I am nearly 6 foot too so I understand your concerns but believe it or not the beds are fab and make labour easier! Discuss it with your midwife when you go into labour, am sure if your not comfortable with the set up you could be moved into a room with a labour bed! When you are in labour the last thing you will be concerned about is the room or the bed!! Good luck! Ems mum xx
  • I'm in Derby, but had a homebirth with my little boy. I did the tour though and remember seeing the 'beds'. They did look a little strange, but I can imagine they would be good during labour.

    Having said that, I loved being able to snuggle up in bed with my new baby when he was just seconds old!
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