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bringing on labour?

hiya, my name is kerry and im 37+3 weeks pregnant and im really fed up of waiting for baby to arrive now, its really heavy and uncomfortable and just wondered if anyone has any ideas on trying to hurry things along abit and if anything worked for you or anyone you know. any ideas are worth a try! thankyou.


  • I honestly don't think anything works Kerry, there are many myths and stories, but i think relaxing helps as most people seem to go into labour at night when they are most relaxed?? Sorry I am no help, but wait is all you can do - you're not far off now....
  • thanks aprilh, it was worth asking, just really fed up now and it doesn't help when iv got a 2 yr old running rings round me!! thanks for answering anyway.:\)
  • the only thing i can suggest is to keep active, as this will help the baby getting into position and coming down more. but nothing really helps to actually bring labour on.
    i hope your not waiting too much longer to meet your lo xx
  • i have 3 days too go! iv been wanting lo out for agess , i keep eating hot currys and having sex and raspberry leaf tea. no luk has yet! xxxxx

  • LOL!! Well at least you're keeping busy!!! I am on count-down now, patience is not my best trait either, but good luck to you both!
  • A retired midwife told me sex can help kick off labour and raspberry leaf tea won't start labour early neccessarily but will increase the effectiveness of the uterus contracting!
    Also as hannah says keeping active is a great way of getting everything ready to go - just a short walk will do if you are very tired. i had contradicting advice from my midwives - one said i must rest as my body was too tired to go into labour and i neede to conserve energy, the other when she found me lounging on the sofa was horrified and told me to get moving. i'd definately go with the keep moving. worked for me the second time - and the raspberry leaf tea was very efficient.
  • Sex is the first thing to try, the stuff they use to induce labour is actualy made out of sperm.
    as for some of the myths out there, there is getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the floor (or pretend to scrub as i did). there is eating a nice hot curry, walking up and down the stairs. raspberry leaf tea but your supposed to start taking this a bit earlier on than you are now.
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