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ahhhhhh just been 2 hospital and they think im in early labour so exited but there is something i dont understand in my notes gettin 2/3 contractions every 10 mins

does 2:10 mean i am 2 outta 10 dilated or something else


  • no idea...but best of luck!
  • hi. no it means you are getting 2 contractions every 10 minutes. this is good. hopefully they will get stronger and longer then they will start to open your cervix. good luck./xxx
  • Oh wow! How exciting!!!
    Good luck and get some rest while you can!
    Can't wait to read your birth story! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi mum of three 4th on way as i can gatther your getting 2 or 3 contractions every 10 mins and your 2 cm dilated this is probly why they sent you home if you were three or more cm dilated they probly would of kept you in my advice would be to keep active go for a walk or something to keep things going hope this helps.
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