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FAO MrsKittyBoo

Hi there,

Hope you don't mind me putting a post up for you! I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about hypnobirthing as I know it worked really well for you!

I really wanted to know if you did the classes or were self-taught from the book and CD. I have the book already and am waiting on another book (hopefully with a CD this time!) arriving any day. My OH thinks maybe we should go to the classes but I'm not sure...

Secondly, I wondered if you had any top tips that worked really well for you? I am sure it must vary from person to person but just wondered if there was one thing you found most effective?!

Sorry, hope this isn't a really cheeky post, I am really keen on the hypnobirthing idea (makes soooo much sense when you read the book!) and just would really appreciate any pointers!!

I hope you manage to see this post!!


Ruth xxx


  • Hiya Ruth, not sure if you have got in touch yet but to let you know MrsKittyBoo is over in the "my baby was born in Aug 09" forum. Try in there x
  • Hi Ruth (and Lisa lol)....

    Thank you for yr post.

    We attended the classes - and I dont believe it wld have worked unless I had. My class involved alot more than just what the book said - i wld defo recommend the classes.

    I basically listened to the rainbow relaxation cd and affirmation cd EVERY night. You will find that you fall asleep before the cds finish and then wake up hours later with the ear phones choking you lol.

    I also practised everywhere I cld to relax....I wld sit in Liverpool St station in London (very busy place) waiting for my train and I wld try to relax ....i wld do this with the visualisation of picturing my body..and my head being number one and my feet being number 5 and I wld take long deep breaths and watch the numbers fade from my body....this technique is in the book.

    I got so good at it I wld nod off lol.

    I practised the 'surge breathing'. Pushing your belly out one. This one is v. important!!

    I never got the hang of the birth breathing..cant remember what they call it.... my daughter popped out in one push luckily anyway...(i didnt breath her out like the book said lol)...

    Just block out what everyone else is saying....remove all negative thoughts about birthing - YOU CAN HAVE A PAINFREE BIRTH - HONESTLY!! There are sooo many people that have a painfree can do it!

    The Marie Mongan theory is not a theory she has made up - it is the way women have birthed for centuries until medical intervention.

    I wld say - try not to be induced as this can make hypnobirthing harder....only bcos by forcing labour it is hard to release your 'happy hormone' to block your pain hormone (I am useless I cant remember any of the correct terminology)....i went 14 days over due but my hospital were happy to leave me and just monitor me from day 12!

    Good luck xxxx
  • oh and have a water birth!!!!! xxThe feeling was amazing - totally relaxing - failing that have a bath x
  • Thank you so much for the tips (and thanks Lisa as well!!). They are really helpful & I am determined to practice practice practice! My new book, with CD this time, arrived yesterday and I feel asleep about 20 minutes in last night! Will keep on with it. Really want it to work as (other than having a less painful birth!) I love the idea of it - it all makes so much sense!

    Hope you and your daughter are well image and thanks again!!

    Ruth xxx
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