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too early

hi ladies im 33/4 and was thnking if my lo came now would it be too early? she is roughly 5 1/2 lb at the mo and im very uncomftable have the feeling she wont be much longer. also when and how much raspberry leaf tea do you recomend and when to start taking it xxxxxxxx


  • i started takin it at 37 weeks i got mine from holland and barrat and i take 8 tabs a day i went into prem labour at 34 weeks and they stopped it because they said it was still 2 early had 2 have steroids and allsorts to mature her lungs so keep your fingers crossed lo decides to stay in there good luck xxxx
  • My Lo came at 33 weeks and it was not an easy time. 3 weeks in the Special baby care unit, tiny drips, not being able to take the baby home when I was discharged was very hard. Hang on in there cause if I had the choice I would want my baby fully cooked and full term.
  • I think anything before 38 weeks is considered pre-term and baby will need to go to special care.
    I thought the same as you, I didn't feel like i could get any more 'pregnant' and uncomfortable - how wrong! And everyone thought I'd go early!
    Fingers crossed he'll hold off til at least 38 weeks!
  • My lo came at 34+4 and was in the special care unit for 2 weeks. She was only 3lb 12oz when born and has come on amazing. The medical care now is brilliant. Your baby is a great weight at the minute and you should have no problems. Dont worry about it. Everything will work out fine. It wont help you if you stress out about it. My lo is 4 months next week and was weighed today at her 3rd set of injections and was a healthy 11lb 1oz. She is amazing and has come on fantastic.
  • My friend's little boy was born at 35 weeks and luckily he was fine, weighed in at 5lb4oz and didn't need any special care even though he was technically prem. Think it's more breathing and feeding that cause problems for early ones coupled with an underdeveloped immune system.
    I went 2 weeks over with my first and honestly thought I was going to pop but you really won't and your body stretches as much as it needs to. I'm now 31 weeks with number 2 and feel absolutely massive, sure I'll be properly waddling by the end this time!!
  • my wee man came 4 weeks 1day earlt so i was 35 +6, he weighted 5lb 4oz, everything was fine didnt need special care, hes now 3 1/2 weeks and doing gr8.
  • my wee man came 4 weeks 1day earlt so i was 35 +6, he weighted 5lb 4oz, everything was fine didnt need special care, hes now 3 1/2 weeks and doing gr8.
  • I think its before 37 weeks that classed as fine. Each baby is different though. My friend had twin boys at 33 weeks. One went home with her after 5 days and the other was in hosp for only 2 weeks before he came home too. Another friend had a boy at 34 weeks. he was tiny 3lb 4oz but after 2 nights in SCBU he came home with her! Really depends on how well their breathing is and if they are feeding. If a prem birth was expected and they give you steriods for babies lungs then they stand better chance of coming home soon! As a few said its always best to keep baby in as long as poss as there is a chance they will need a lot of medical intervention and you really dont want that. Mind you for reasurrance read Elise's birth thread. She is doing so well and is only needing feeding tube now. She was born at 28 weeks!!! Its amazing how hardy these babies can be. My neice was born at 38 weeks and needed time in SCBU so did my daughter born at 39 plus 4 days!!!!!!!!!!
    d xx
  • Just wanted to say that my cousin was born at 27 weeks, he weighed about a pound and a half and was in scbu for months..but he's doing great now, apart from a few chest problems. So even though it's preferable to have baby as near to due date as poss, the medicine and technology are so good now that premature babies stand a really good chance. Good luck. xxx
  • babies can be born as early as 24 weeks and survive. my sil has had two boys both born at 24 weeks. Clay sadly only made it to six weeks but Cody is now a bouncy 18 month old. if lo can breathe unaided at 24 weeks then its a good chance they will survive. you are considered full term 4 weeks before your dd so at 36 weeks but the longer they stay put the better. they normally suggest taking rlt from then. if your concerned tho i would talk to your mw.
  • my 1st was born at 37 weeks and 2nd at 36 weeks, although they needed oxygen at birth, neither needed special care. Think it depends on the individual pregnancy.
  • well zoe thats a very un helpfull and worrying thing to post. lucky for me then everything is ok with my little girl.
  • hi. i had my 5th baby at 37 weeks. i was warned that he may need oxygen when born, but some full term babies do as well, but he was born screaming the house down!!! he was fine. so try not to worry, the midwives and docs will be there for you and do what they need to do. hope all goes ok for you. good luck. take care.xxxx
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