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33 wks and already had enough!!!


I'm 33+2 and had enough now!! i know i've got away to go as everyone keeps telling me!!!

Finished work on friday so you think i would be enjoying the rest but i don't like resting and i'm so bored already! my sleep pattern is all over the place seems i have to pee 7 times a night!!! hence posting this at 2am!!
I must have the most active baby in the world, he honestly never stops! had to go to hosp on friday as i was getting stomach pains and baby was moving less, when they put me on the monitors they said how active he was but that was him at his most quite!! it just seems to take it out of you when they move so much for some reason!
I'm just feeling really down today and fed up and hubby doesn't seem to understand anything i'm going through! just want my baby and my body back!!!
Sorry for the rant just feel very pissed off at the minute

samantha 33+2:\(


  • I can totally sympathise with you. I am 33 weeks today and feel like another 7 weeks of being pregnant will kill me!! I just want to feel normal again instead of big and awkward, I'm also being a moody cow and likewise I don't think my oh understands either I always feel like I'm moaning about something I suppose so maybe hes a bit fed up listeneing to me whinging on!!

  • tell me about it i'm 34+4 and am praying that it comes early, the Braxton Hick's are starting to wind me up as i wish they were the real thing, and it's really annoying when people keep asking how long left - oh it won't be long then... argh!!

  • Saw midwife today (i'm now 34+3) and he is in position, but not engaged! hes measuring alittle bit big so maybe he will come early, its hard coz i want him to come early coz it feels like i've been waiting to meet him forever and just so tired of being pregnant but i don't want a premature baby either!!!
    But also, even though i've had enough of being pregnant i will also miss it! coz once he's out i've gotta share him!!! LOL
  • i remember feeling exactly the same! being pregnant drove me crazy, i felt like my body wasn't my own anymore and all i did was moan on to my oh! but honestly, looking back the 9months flew by (didnt feel like it at the time) and now ive got my little girl sometimes i wish i could rewind a bit and have some peace and quiet!
  • I gave birth 11 weeks ago at 34+4. It was a big shock to the system but it was great as I didn't have to sit around as I was dreading it. I wasn't even finished work for another 2 weeks after. What a shock my work got on Monday morning when they all went in.

    My daughter is prerfectly healthy and wighed just 3lb 12 oz at birth. She is almost 8lb now and doing fantastic.
  • Wow congratulations! I'm 34+5 now so hopefully he will amke an appearance soon, although, i did think i was gonna have him in the middle of Ikea today which wouldn't have been very good! think i'm gonna stay home from now on!! LOL
  • Hi SamanthaJ23, I know how you feel. I'm 33+5 and I don't want this baby to come until January but at the same time I've had enough of all the anxiety that goes with pregnancy! I've been in to the labour ward 3 times in 2 weeks with a scare and am getting to the point where I am terrified to go anywhere! Hope the weeks pass quickly for you. George, x
  • well now 37+2 and still waiting the BH are getting a bit more intense but now it's getting so close to xmas i almost want to give birth right now rather then going in to labour on xmas day!!

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