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anyone elses braxton hicks really painful?

i'm sure they arn't labour contractions because they arn't regular, but my braxtion hicks are becoming really painful, my tummy is going rock hard, back really hurts, i just sit there thru them. but i wouldnt class it as "painful" anyone else getting this? x
i'm 37+1


  • I found my BnH's painful and was told that some women do but if i was you id give m/w a quick ring as its always nice to double check

  • well im 39 +4 and im having painful regular contractions which fade after and hour or so!!... so im none the wiser either!....
    i dont think these ones we're having are braxton hicks... i recond its the start of us dilating!..
    i have exactly the same as you... on and off for an hour or so the last couple of evenings...
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