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Anyone else due next week?? (Week beginning 27th Aug)

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone else is due next week (week beginning the 27th August) and how ur feeling? Im due Tuesday the 28th August.

Amy x



  • Hi Amy ,

    I am due weds 29th. How are you doing? Any signs yet? I had a show today and I've been getting some minor contractions.

    Denise xx
  • Hi Amy

    I am due today!!...but no sign of any movement so looks like I will be next week with you...or even the week after!!
  • Ive been having lots of braxton hicks but nothing that would indicate babys iminent arrival! Im getting really fed up waiting! Ive had wat could hav been show but im not convinced it was. Wat was ur show lyk? Hav u had any twinges at all Annie? It might still come for you tonight! image
  • No twinges, no show, no nothing! 20 minutes to go and then I'm in the over-due club. We've resigned ourselves to 5th September, which is when I'll be 12 days over and will have to be induced. The only change I have had this week is problems going for a wee, every time I go it feels like there is something in the way, so end up going about 4 times an hour and also intense rib pain as baby runs out of room in there. I'm desperate for a show, but luck
  • Im in the same boat! Feel desperate to wee all the time and when I go its just a trickle! and also got sore ribs just below my bust. Im feeling so unconfortable that I thought rather than lie in bed uncomfy I'd stay on computer and read about other people who are also uncomfy! Lol!
  • My show was like snot with bits of brownish blood (not as bad as it sounds). It didn't come all in go one either, it was little bits through the day. From reading different postson here it could still be another two weeks before labour starts for me. I'm getting fed up of these four walls now, and not being able to sleep properly, but I don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything, I'm so tired!
    Denise xx
  • I'm due on Monday and had a few pains on Wednesday night but then nothing! Not happy - I had thought it would come early as that is what the midwife thought but I think the little critter is too comfy in there! The only good thing for me is that if it hasn't made it's appearance by my due date (27th) they are inducing me on the 28th as there is no more room for the baby to grow (quite worrying as it must be a biggie!) and I have spd!
    I'm like Denise, am not comfortable with going out anywhere on my own so feel quite housebound during the week when oh is at work! Don't mind going out with someone, I'd just feel silly if I was walking round asda on my own and my waters broke!!
    Fingers crossed they all arrive safely and on time!
  • This is totally irrelevant but I can't relax. I asked my husband to wash the dogs cos I don't want the house to be all smelly, he's got the carpet shampooer out to freshen up the carpets for me (bless him!). Trouble is, he has taken them to a grooming place to be washed. Zach has never been before, I've always done it. Can't rest until they're back. Dolly was groomed regularly with her previous owner so is used to it. I know this seems trivial in light of the fact we're all going into labour soon but it's really bothering me. Go on, tell me I'm just being daft and I should stop worrying!
    Denise xxx
  • I know how u feel denise! I put my dog to a groomer all the time and she loves it! Usually dog groomers are dog lovers themselves and so are really nice to the dogs and I think the dogs like the one to one attention so dont worry! I always feel so guilty leaving her but shes always fine when I go back for her! It must be our maternal instinct! It'll be lovely having ur doggies back all clean and smelling fresh! Im becoming a bit of a clean freak, must be my nesting instinct! I dont know about urs but my poor husband is getting bullied into cleaning with me as if its a matter of life or death! He's been very tollerant of me and my irrational behaviour!
  • Thank you for the reassurance. What will I be like with a child?
    My hubby is being bullied into cleaning too. A couple of weeks ago I got myself into a real state because the oven needed cleaning. My poor husband dashed down to Tesco at nine thirty on a saturday night to buy some Brillo pads for me. He then stayed up til midnight cleaning the oven, emptying cupboards and wiping them out. Poor thing. He did grumble at one point that he should be in the pub with his mates. What dog do you have? Any more Braxton Hicks today?
  • I've been really lazy! We've had quite a lot of work done on the upstairs of our house and we'd neglected the cleaning until it was finished! It was finally finished last weekend so I hired a cleaning company to come and clean the house from top to bottom!! really lazy I know but I've only got 2 days left to go, I've got spd and my other half has been so busy at work!! They're my excuses and I'm sticking to them!! I did feel a bit guilty cos the cleaners had an awful lot of dog hairs to contend with!
  • Quite right Donna! Dont feel guilty! I'd do the same if I could afford it. Ive got a lhasa apso dog so it doesnt shed hair lucky for me! Lots of braxton hicks and sore tummy tonight but I think it could just be trapped wind. My husband says theres nothing trapped about my wind!! would be good if this was the start of labour but im not holding my breath. Howz everyone else feeling tonight?

    Amy x
  • Still no signs, keep on getting terrible cramp in my thighs and that awful rib pain when I lie down. Don't know how everyone else has coped with todays heat - it was killing me! So far today I've recieved 2 phone calls and 3 texts asking if I've had the baby yet....grrrrrrrrr!
  • I'm getting annoyed with all the texts and phone calls asking if I've had the baby yet - do people think I wouldn't tell them or something!!?? it's driving me insane and I'm getting very emotional all the time!!
    I'm sat in bed upright cos it's the only position I'm comfy in image , oh is downstairs watching some crap film on tv and I feel like shit!! I need to stop complaining I suppose but I feel heavy and very sore down below!
    Anyway, whinge over - oh is coming to bed so night night!
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