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Philip's Birth Story

Finally got 5 minutes peace and quiet so here is the shortened version!

Contractions started on tuesday lunchtime, by 8pm were 7mins apart & rather painful! but only 1-2cm dilated so sent home from hospital, returned there at 2am to betold 3cm but contractions were 2-3mins apart so ended up with pethadine at 2.55am, wasn't checked again till new midwife came on at 8am, took me to a deliery room where she found i was 8cm, even though my show was a pretty funny colour (which she thought was meconium but turned out not to be) no-one had looked at it.

Was given gas & air at 9.10am (which is fantastic stuff!!) and hooked up to monitors, from then i remember very little, one minute (about 9.40ish) i had my husband one side, mw the other and everything fine, next thing i remember is about 10.10am when the room is full of people shouting fetel hb of 82, no hb, are the paeds on the way, anterior lip, get Mr ? (can't even remember his name!) and being told catagorically not to push!! All of which sent me into total panic and really wasn't able to stop pushing.

Ended up with Philip being born at 10.17am with an episiotomy and ventouse, husband wasn't allowed to cut the cord, they whipped him straight away to the crib thing and wouldn't even tell us what he was. He didn't cry for a while and when he did it was only a whimper then he let a wailer out. Took about 10minutes for him to be given to me during which time i was stiched etc.

So Philip Charles Barrie arrived in quite a shocked state at 10.17am on 19th December 2007, didn't really want to feed so was thurs am before he got the hang of it but he's making up for it now!:roll: Feeding every 2-3hrs for a good 45 minutes, and now my milks in i REALLY know when he's due a feed!

MW just been, he was 8lb1oz born, 7lb8oz on saturday and today he's 7lb9.5oz!

Not a really horrendous story compared to some, and i would do it all again!!:lol:


  • wow obi that is eventful though aint it! so glad he arrived safe and well for you, some los just like to make a dramatic entrance i think!

    well done with breastfeeding.i think once they latchon properly its a doddle but ryan likes to play for a bit, he gets a bit silly head butting my nipple and pretending to latch on then pulling away , a comedian i must have!

    hope ur stitches r healing well, dont do wot i did and go for walks or to shop,really not worth it! just doss on sofa wit philip!!

    well done and congrats!! xxxx
  • Sounds like you had a bit of a time of it and that the gas and air whacked you like it whacked me! They're sooooo worth it all tho aren't they? Have a fab Christmas!
  • Oh Obi - that sounds painful, but the main thing is he is here! Am glad that feeding is going well. Violet is 6 weeks tomorrow and finally starting to feed off me properly and is hardly taking any top up of formula anymore! Am assuming she is growing as she is growing out of clothes, but HV hasn't been for 2 weeks so have no idea what she weighs now!!!
  • Congrats on your little boy! They really make you panic when your pregnant but even worse when they are born! Im glad hes ok and doing well, take it easy and well done. xxx
  • Gazno your lo is gorgeous!

    Cally, surely the hv should still be coming to see you regularly? Philip was weighed today & he's now 1oz over his birth weight on day 9! he's gained 9oz since monday so i must be doing something right with the feeding, but he can empty both breasts in one sitting!!
  • Huge congratulations on the birth of Philip! Sounds liek you had a bit of a time of it, hope you are recovering well and enjoying baby Philip xxx
  • Hi... sounds like quite a dramatic entrance into the world! Glad you're all ok though.

    Cally & Obi... my hv isn't visiting me - I have to go to the clinic each week from now on to get lo weighed... do hvs normally visit for longer? (Bryn is 2 weeks old) I cant remember what happened with my other 2.

    Hope everyone is fit and well. Em x
  • Babydevil, we are both doing really well thanks, in fact considering the drama in the delivery room i felt really "normal" 24hrs later! Almost forgot about the stitches, apart from saturday when they really hurt! Thing is i almost feel cheated now as the birth seems surreal and that i was watching it happen to someone else rather than doing it myself, but that's probably a good thing in a way!

    Em, not sure about how long they visit for before you have to go to them, she starts coming on monday so will find out then, but i'm sure it was longer than 2 wks when my friend had her little one last year.

    Obi & Philip
  • Glad to hear you are doing well, even though I had a section I know what you mean about feeling "normal" soon after, its very strange lol I also agree that giving birth was very surreal and was like watching someone else but like you say thats probably a good thing!

    Em my health visitor came after I was discharged from my midwife and will come once a week for 6 weeks, maybe you call either call your midwife about the lack of hv or call your surgery? Hope you get it sorted out soon as it really isn;t on having to take a tiny baby to them!

    Amy xxx
  • Congratulations on the birth of baby Philip. He certainly knew how to make a dramatic entrance!!! Glad to hear he is doing well & gaining weight & hope you are feeling well too.

    Hope you had a fantastic xmas together

    Hilary x
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