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Hiring TENS machine

Hi All.
Has anyone hired from They seem to be very cheap but I would like to hear positive/negetive experiences. Boots are expensive in comparison but is it worth paying the extra for peace-of-mind?


  • Hi, my local sure start lend them out for FREE from 37 weeks and I found it really useful for strong braxton hicks toward the end of pregnancy and for early labour. Once the contractions worsen though, TENS is useless as I found it irritating when in strong pain and it didnt take it off. All in all, I would recommend them but try and get a freebie one if you can!!
  • my oh hired me one from boots, (so kind of free for me!!) but i haven't actually tried it out yet, apparently they are good for the early stages when you are at home, so i'm going to give it a go. Em xx
  • I would say don't bother hiring I'd buy one off ebay instead. I bought mine brand new off ebay for ??????45 2 years ago. I'm due again in june so I've got it again all I needed was new pads which cost ??????5 from boots so it's paid for it's self now. Even if you wanted to buy new you could always sell it on ebay afterwards, or even buy one off there in the first place and just buy some fresh pads for a ??????5?? It did work for me and I'll be using it again this time too! xx :\)
  • I know im a bit late for this post, but just in case anyone else is reading, i have hired one from them and they are fantastic. Tens actually came 2 days before the hire was supposed to start, which is always good. You get 6 weeks hire, and a free 1 week extension if you need it. Fantastic service would highly recommend and is much cheaper than many of the stores that do hires. #

  • I borrowed one from my friend....ask around it's amazing who still has one floating around in their spare cupboard...

    she didnt get round to using it....I did and I got to about 7/8cms on just the TENS machine....

    xxxxx DLAM
  • I hired one from asda pharmacy ??????10 for 4 weeks, and if you go over your due date they give you and extra 2 weeks for free. the machine is posted out 2nd class so take 4 days to get to you, but i paid and extra ??????2.50 for 1st class post and it was here next day. Its the mamatens make that they have, when i inititially phoned up the woman didnt understand that i had already paid and had a voucher number so told me it would be ??????25 hire it think, so it was good to hear that the asda ??????10 was a bargain! and you get a prepaid envelope to send them back too, worth having at that price.
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