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Stitches- how long to heal?

The title says it all really! I had my daughter 8 days ago and needed an episiotomy (sp?) and stitches, now I'm just wondering how long it will be until I stop feeling sore, and also to what extent things will get back to 'normal'? Right now I am feeling like I will never be having sex again, let along another baby! image I'm hoping that someone who has been through this can reassure me!


  • Hi i had a 3rd digree tear and stitches after i had my first baby it was 3 week before it got better. use tea tree oil in the bath and sit on ice pack it help with swelling you she feeling better soon
  • I had to have that many stitches i had to have a spinal block (after giving birth naturaly!!) It did calm down after about 3-4 weeks but was still tender at my 6-8 weeks check up, salt in your bath does not nip at all, i was 16 when i had my son and was dredding puting salt in it but it never even nipped but it does help to clean the stitches, cazmac10 im soz to say but you should never put a ice pack on your bits to help with swelling it can make it worse for the majority of people, also instead of using toiletroll to clean after the loo, use wet wipes or you get andrex wetwipes that you can use, they realy helped me and help to stay fresh aswell, maybe TMI or maybe it was jus me but with all the blood and that i did tend to smell a funi smell every so often even though i bathed 3 times a day, the wipes help to sooth and keep wiffs away, they are safe to use, but i would 1000X recomend a salt bath just a handfull of normal house hold salt, and if it nips then well ill eat my laptop!! lol hope you feel better soon, im 31weeks and hoping i dont have to get stitches this time as i dont have a bath this time round as i moved, i only have a shower!!

  • I had an episiotomy with my first and my midwife told me not to use salt in my bath as it can dry out the stitches and make them really uncomfortable. She recomended putting a few drops of pure lavander oil in instead, I was sore for about 3 weeks and they were a bit tender to touch for a while after that but they healed up nicely. I had a 2nd degree tear this time and followed the same advice, 6 weeks on I feel more or less back to normal. Try and stay off your feet as much as possible, I found walking about definately made them hurt more.
  • I had an episiotomy and then tore (3rd degree) beside it - I'm 11 weeks post natal and still not healed. Probably because I popped my stitches though as the nurses left me totally abandoned on the ward afterwards, numb from the waist down, a cathater in and I had to keep wriggling myself off the side of the bed to pick my lo up! No wonder I popped my stitches hey?!!!!!!!!

    Floopy & Ethan
  • hi my be i was not clear you do sit on the ice back soft one gel pack with a towel over the ice pack and you fully clothed this was recomend by my midwife but 6 year ago
  • I think I was one of the lucky ones, with my first I had forceps and needed stitches but stopped feeling sore after 4 days and was able to have sex after the bleeding stopped about 6 weeks.
  • Thanks for the replies everyone. It seems as though it is quite an individual thing, guess I will just have to see how long it takes for me. I have been using lavender oil in the bath and also the cool gel pads and they seem to help. Thanks for al the tips!
  • i had to have alot of stitches with my lo too and they cleared up within a few weeks, i used some dettol in the bath which was recomended by my midwife. it worked a treat xx
  • i had my bbay nine weeks ago, had 2nd degree,they took about 4 weeks to stop hurting, its still sore though, but one stich wouldnt heal, has now though, i would reccommend bathing 3 times a day and using salt, and like sum1 said earlier dnt stand up 4 too long i found that it felt like everything was falling out for agood 4 weeks lol!, who said having babies was so hard! put me off 4 life! xxxx
  • I had an episiotomy, and a 3rd degree tear. My midwife gave me pads soaked with cold witch hazel and they worked great, I was fine after 4 days as the swelling and bruising quickly eased.
    You can get witch hazel in Boots, just keep it in the fridge so it has a nice cooling effect. Definitely worth trying!!
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