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My Birth Story

I was in slow labour for 3 weeks(ish), therefore having irregular contractions and walking around 1-2cms dialated. I now hear that this is quite common and some women do not even realise they're in slow labour, but for me it was very uncomfortable and difficult whilst having to look after daughter who was a mere 10-11 months herself.

In the early hours of Thursday 7th January (1:30am) I decided... enough was enough! lol. It was thick snow outside, my sister was staying over looking after my daughter with me and my Mum on call... I was in pain and it was time for my son to be born and I wasnt going to leave that hospital until he was!

I called my Mum, who very kindly drove through the thick snow to pick up her very groucy, tired and difficult pregnant Daughter image

I was sent to delivery who monitored my contractions and dealt with a very tired emotional Mummy. Luckily I was with the sister of the ward who was brilliant. She was so understanding, and asked if she could give me a 'thorough' stretch and sweep and keep me in. So after the sweep, I got settled into the private room, Mum then left (Mum being my birthing partner of course).

I had a few hours sleep on and off as was given some fabulous pain killers every 4 hours! and throughout the day was told to walk around the hospital in hope that my waters will brake... Noah was very much ready to be born. The contractions was coming thick and fast... but waters were as stubborn as I am!!!

Therefore at 6:30pm(ish) a midwife collected me and took me back to delivery saying "good news, I'm going to ensure you do not leave delivery until that baby is in your arms"....

I was settled, monitored and then the midwife pinched my waters! She left the room and I called Mum, I said "dont rush, could be hours yet". Luckily for me Mum did rush! My contractions were almost back to back moments later. My midwife returned and I asked for Epidural or Pethedine, at this point, she knew it was too late, but luckily didnt tell me, as I may have freaked out. She said "sure, I'll arrange that for you, for the time being lets see how you cope with the G&A".

I clung on to the G&A for dear life! I was totally as high as a kite and in my 'happy place'!!!

The midwife dimmed the lights, and I started to push, on my knees, clinging to the back of the bed (TMI?).

Then I remember my Mum coming in with another midwife and I burst into tears... as did the other midwife!! (its ok, I know her!). Mum got straight into support mode and was fantastic, as I sqeezed her arms and hands at each push.

Then, all of a sudden, after one mighty (loud) push my son was born. Mum cut the cord and I can remember he looks just like my daughter.

My body went into shock during labour, therfore I asked Mum to hold baby initially. I also lost vision in my right eye!

I was cleaned up and Mum bathed me. We were giggling... I was still high, I dont know what my Mums excuse was?

I was left alone with my son, craddling him in my arms, and for the first time, spoke to him. I told him how much I love him and his big sister and how life was complete.


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