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soooo frustrated!!!

i want to meet our son, i have 6 days until my due date and have a gut feeling that im gonna go over due .... and i dont want too ! (pathetic ah)?i have had tummy pains (aches) and tingling sharpish pains on and off (very low down). i probaply sound really silly/selfish help !!!!! does anyone know what i mean ?x


  • hi kaysc I know exactly what you mean my baby isnt due for 17 days and i am fed up i was 3 days early with my first then a week late with my other 2. everyone thinks its a joke 2 say things like oh you cluld still have 4 weeks left. OH GREAT just what i needed to hear. I am fed up with being to big to do anything i cant even walk round the corner without feeling like i need oxygen and i would kill for a good night sleep. Cheerfull lot arent we!!!!
  • ah i know i started taking rasberry leaf capsules and gently persuading my other half to help me out too (lol)xx
  • I know how you feel - i have 11 days tp go til EDD but family history of going overdue - am hoping i'll buck the trend though and bubba will arrive early! I only started mat leave on Thursday but am already getting bored of just sitting around watching daytime TV to fat and knackered to do anything else! I know I should be making the most of it but I'm too excited about meeting baby now to not be wishing time away til she arrives!
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