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Ella says 'hello world'

Well, here I am, finally getting around to turning the computer on and writing Ella's birth story! My waters broke at 2.15am when baby was 2 days overdue. I started having mild contractions immediately and after phoning the hospital, arrived around 3am. I had planned to go to the midwife-led unit for use of the pool, but after asking to go up, I was told that it was closed that night due to how busy the labour suite was!!! At arrival, I was already 4-5 cms dilated which was marvellous to hear as the pain was managable. To cut a long story short, we managed with just gas and air (and the use of my TENS) and after 2 HOURS of pushing (!!) Ella arrived into the world with a full head of curly dark hair, just like her mum. Dad was an incredible support and has really stepped into his role doing lots of baby jobs while I recover. To anyone still waiting, can I just say that the experience really wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be, and to hold your new baby in your arms is indescribable.


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