did you recognise contractions?

Hi Ladies

Did you recognise early labour contractions?

With my first child I did, I was slim and felt my tummy go hard and could feel my uterus contracting and could time them. I had no pain at all, had them for 8hours but had a csection within 20mins of getting to hospital.
Thing is in that pregnancy I felt braxton hicks from about 24weeks!!

This time I have felt no braxton hicks at all (not any I could be sure about). This morning I woke at 6 with pains in my tummy and back. I still have them but don't know how regular the are, if at all. My tummy feels hard but I can't tell if it gets harder during the pains. It feels like bad period pains, like the ones I used to get an hour or two before I started to bleed.

Did anyone else have this and it turn out to be the start of labour? Thanks Samantha (38weeks)


  • Morning sam with my first pregnancy i didnt have any braxton hicks atn all and when labour started it was like really dull kind of period pains that were quite uncomfy from the start, they were far apart at first but got closer together and much stronger as the day went on. I dont remember feeling pain in my back, just all across the front of my tum.
    With this pregnancy i have been getting lots of braxton hicks for weeks now and they can be quite regular where my stomach goes rock solid for about a minute at a time but not painful.
    So i will definately know when my contractions start as they are much different to braxton hicks in my experience. Sounds like if yours start to become more regular and get more painful then this could be the start of labour for you xx
  • For few weeks i was getting pains so when i went into labour on thursday night i thought it was the same at first, but soon realised something was different. I started at 7pm getting irregular contractions which got stronger, by 12 midnight they were so bad i couldnt walk very well and was short of breath. Still not coming regular i thought id go in to labour ward to be checked out. Luckily we got their just in time as soon as my waters went she flew out haha! Goes to show contractions dont always have to be regular and spot on!!
  • Hi Sam, are you ok?? xx
  • Yes Queenems, I am fine, think it was braxton hicks. I am having twinges today so I am not sure but I think baby could be engaging.
  • Glad to hear you are okay Sam, I've been having some braxon hicks too, they feel like period pains lower down and I can feel the baby's head pressing on my bladder all the time! Hope the twinges aren't too painful x
  • Hi
    I am now overdue by 6 days and like yourself wonder if I will recognise contractions. At present i don't think I have had any or Braxton Hicks. However am starting to get a little fed up of waiting. Am due to have a membrane sweep on Friday. What is that like? Am rather nervous.
    Thanks Rachel
  • Hi i had sweep with all of mine its not 2 bad if u relax it might aggrivate ur uterus so u could get more braxtons they might progress into labour or just go off. With my last baby my wates broke later that evening wont go into anymore though as all 3 labours were horrendous x Good luck x
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