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Who will have their baby tomorrow?

Isn't it funny having the possibility of a leap year baby! I wonder how many of us will have a leap year baby. Surely we'll get one!!!!

Comon ladies!!


  • hi nicospoon well looking at my early scan dates at 13 and 21 weeks my edd is tomorrow!!!! but by period dates it was 23rd. had sweep yesterday so hoping she will be here tomorrow. which date would you go by scan or period x x 40+5
  • Ooh ooh ooh please let it be me!
    I'm getting desperate now!

    40+ 6 xxxxxxxxxxx
  • It'd save you a bit o cash - a birthday once every four years! lol
    Hope you over-duers get your los soon, special date or not! x
  • who knows what will happan, im now 9 days late and was told i would be early. I would rather it be tomorrow than sun when i have to be induced.
  • hey ladies,
    im due tomorrow, would rather he didnt arrive on the 29th but getting desperate now really didn't think i would go over due but seems i will
    image went into labour on my due date with my first but was back to back so took 2 1/2 days of labour hopefully wont be same this time even tho the little monkey is back to back too!!

    hope everyone is ok
    x x
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