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Packing hospital bag for c-section

Hi everyone,

It looks like i'm now having a c-section as my baby is STILL breech!
I really should start thinking about sorting out my hospital bag but wondered if any of you have had c-sections before and know of anything in addition to the normal stuff I might need. Or anything you wished you had packed?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Amy xxxxxxxxx


  • Hi - cant think of any additional stuff but you may want to take a selection of your fave music. I work in theatres and loads of people bring in their own tunes. How many weeks are you? I found out on monday that mine is breech and may be looking towards a section. Good luck
  • Hi Amy

    I had a c -section and the one thing I wished I had purchased was some big comfy cotton knickers. You need ones that go over your belly to about your belly button (maternity knickers are good). I just got a bigger size but that didn't work. You still have a big belly after a c-section cos of the swelling etc, and normal knickers rest on the cut that they do to get the baby out. Also lots of clean pyjamas so that you feel fresh. I showered everyday, but the hospital is so hot i was always hot and sticky and wanted to change a lot. I would also pack some wipes for yourself so that you can freshen up through the day. I can't really think of anything else that wouldn't be classed as normal but will post again if I do x
  • Hi
    yep big knickers, comfy pjs/nighties. comfy clothes for when you come out. I also asked for an extra pillow while i was in to get comfy when you go to sleep afterwards
  • Yes, huge knickers that you might call 'belly warmers' so that the elastic comes up higher than your c-section wound. And in a big size. I'm usually a size 8 to 10 on my lower half (pre-pregnancy obviously) and the size 14 ones my MIL got for me from M&S were too tight, they kept rolling down and rubbing my stitches! Not a pleasant thought, I'm sorry, but it's better to be warned.
  • Thank you ladies! Thats great advice about the big knickers! I'll make sure I pack lots of those!! And also lots of nightys and wipes then!!

    Hi loumurph, i'm 36 weeks on Friday. Baby has been breech for a long time and have never had a scan or midwife appointment where she has been anything but breech! I think she must be comfy there. Don't know how though as her poor head is right in my ribs!! How many weeks are you?

    I am going for my last scan on 6th Feb and thats when they'll book my c-section. They said it will be a few days after xx
  • Hi Feburary baby, totally off the subject but i cant believe its near your time to have your baby. It dosnt seem a crack from you posted that you were pregnant! Time sure flys! Good luck with your section. xxx
  • You might wantr to take some books, ipod, mags etc as after your section you wont be able to get up for atleast 6 hours cause youll be totally numb..and 6 hours is a long time to do anothing apart from looking at your gorgeous new creation image x
  • hi
    I would add - drinking straw - to what others have said. I found that I was constantly thirsty but didn't have the strength to sit up and drink out of a cup. So take a drinking straw or water bottle.

    I had gas build up in my stomach afterwards, as well as constipation, and was really uncomfortable. I think peppermint tea would have helped but no one tell you these things beforehand.

    Also see if you can ask for a bed that has grab rails, would make it much easier to get out of bed. I was in a bed that reclined at the touch of a button but the remote control was hard to reach. When you've just had a C-section, it hurts to try and reach for things.

    Good luck.
  • i didnt have a c-section and was only in hosp a day, but i was SO bored when my visitors had left so make sure u have plenty of things to read or what ever may occupy you. also.. DONT pack a dressing gown like youre usually told to. takes up so much room and its always far too hot to wear one! X
  • I would just be careful about what you take to wear home, I stupidly took under bump materity jeans and a pair of my normal jeans both of which rubbed on my scar and were VERY uncomfy and sore. Maybe joggy bottoms would be best?
  • Hi, I got some bigger sized knickers from Asda, they were fantastic and were really comfy and cheap, can also throw away if you bleed on them. Comfy nightwear and slippers. And like the others said over the bump trousers, altho my mat trousers were a bit big after having Ellie they were comfy and didn't touch/rub scar. I took a couple of pillows in too as I was already sleeping with them due to my spd but they were handy to lay Ellie on when I was breast feeding etc. Good luck and hope all goes well. xxxxx
  • surely it depends on how long you stay in, I stayed in hospital 24 hrs and then escaped home so I didnt need half the stuff I took!!

    I doubt you will be numb for six hours btw! I was fully numb for around 20 mins after then regained feeling after an hour.

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