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Heathers Birth Story (A Bit later than hoped)

Hethers Birth story a little late but i havent been able to get on comp

As some of you might remember i was 6 days over and totaly wishing it to come :lol:

Had no pains till the 21st of October tea time and i started to get the odd ache but nothing much
Went to bed and was up and down all night, pains were bareable so i just left it
was up every 10mins to the loo but only a drible and back to bed, but still up and down up and down!!
By 6am i text my mum(who lives 20min drive away) saying i was getting bad pains, at 7am my 19 month old son got up and wanted feeding and playing with, i manage to hide my pain from him up untill 9am when i just couldnt and ended up in tears, but bless him he knew something was up and came and gave me a big hug which urged me to be brave and just carry on, i had been texting my friend all night and morning ans she agreed to come and sit with me and see to david so i wasnt having to see to him trough my contractions, i aso was having the urge to push and was in agony and i had text my mum but she said she was at work and no 1 else was there so she couldnt leave, by 11.30 it was unbearable and i had nothing to bite on or help me focus so i raded my cutlery drawer and found a tommy tippee weaning spoon and bite on that through my contraction and i text my mum and told her it was now unbearable and she said that she is just goin to lock up her work and come, so by 12pm my mum was here, she had gone and got david (my son) some lunch on the way here so that was 1 less thing to worry about, i lay in my bed and bit on my spoon :lol: for an hour and my mum timed my contracions and they were every 8-10mins so not too close, but by 1pm claire had turned up to wach david an i told my mum to fone the midwife led unit and she did and they told me to come in and get checked as i was in so much pain but my contraction were still quite far apart. I also never had and baffys or that to wear so my mum disapeared across to the shopping centre ( not even 20 steps over the road) to get me some, when she was away i got up and walked about, after 5mins of waling about i couldnt take 8 steps without geting a contractions so when my mum got back with a new dressing gown and baffys 4 me (blooming white, not a good idea 4 labour as my las grey 1 when i had my son got ruined) We managed to get me down my 2 flights of flat stairs and in the car, along the motor way to the hosiptal (another 20min drive) all the way i was holding on the the wee handle things above ur head above the door, god nose how i never managed to haul that thing off the way i was hanging on 4 dear life!! 2.33pm Mum dropped me off at the door and helped me in to the midwife led unit, i had 8 contractions from the car to the unit ( only a couple off 100m between them) when i got in the needed me to do a urine sample, which i thought was a joke, so i managed a dribble and then they took me to my birthing room and on the bed and checked me over and said i was 4cm gone, i thought god im going to be ages(at this point i still had that tomme tippee spoon in my mouth) so i asked for some gas and air, ad they said only if i got up off the bed and walked around, at this point i was in sso much pain it took me 15mins to get off the bed there i then stood and leaned on the bed with my legs apart and my gas and air in my mouth :lol: i was still getting the urge to push but there was no midwife in the room and my mum said dont push just fight against it, by 3.15 there was no way i could fight the pushing sensation, the midwife then came back in and i told her and she said i sould have just gone with it from when i first started needing to push and that if i had i might of had him already, i told her if that was the case i would have had her in the house by myself, after about 10mins my waters broke and hole moley the mount of water that came gushing down my legs and all over the floor was unbelievable!!! Then came the burning and i was told the head was nearly there give a bit push, which i did but it was blooming agony so i stopped and my poor baby had come out face first and her face was the only thing poking out and i was told t give another big push imediatly and i did and she came shooting out! The cord was wrapped 3 times round her body image And Heather Angela Bruce was in the world at 3.57pm on the 22nd of October image weighing 7lbs 13 1/2 oz, i couldnt believe she was hat big as i had been massive with her big brother ( up to a size 22 form a size 12) and he was only 7lbs 5oz and i had only gone up to a size 16 with her andwas mesuring small and she turned out to be 8 1/2 oz bigger, i tore and had a graze this time again but i hate needles so i never let them stitch me up this time (last time i made them give me a spinal block to stitch me) but were both good, her cord came off to early so her belly botton wasnt healed or close properly but that corecting its self now image and she now 8lb 5oz

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  • what an exciting story =] welcome to the world baby heather x
  • Wow, well done, and congratulations on the arrival of little Heather! image xx
  • thanks for th replys, only just back on comp as it broke, cant belives shes 7 and a half weeks already!!

  • welcome to d world heather wot a luvly story had my 2nd as wel in september n she actually arrivd at home b4 i could make it to d hosp. my older daughter brianna 20mon was droppd off at my sis n b4 ma mum made it bac baby tianna's head was out n wit a little help from ma mum she was out but neway cant still beliv she's 11wks already. wot wonderful boundles of joy n now bri talks bout a baby bro already.
  • Haha yeah my LO goes up to my belly an pats it goin baby baby, im like no the babys in the bouncy chair there lol. Did you not think it was a hell of a lot worse the second time round, can believe u had her at home though, my aunty was the same, its was her 5th baby and she went in on the thursday and she was 4cm dilated so they sent her home, now they no she has a history of quck birth bein under twenty mins, the twins came in 20mins and chelsea came after 5, i text her on th sunday at 12pm and she said she hadnt had him yet adn the i got a text at 12.58pm sayin she had had him in the house and she was at hosp now she had had her stitches and her T and toast and was now goin for a shower b4 they let her home!!!

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