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anyone have any views on the John Radcliffe hosp Ox?


Just wondered if anyone can tell me if they have found the JR at oxford a good or bad hospital to give birth in? A friend of mine chose the Horton over the JR and as we now do not get tours of the wards and suits etc I don't know which one tp pick.

The JR just reminds me of very poorly family and bad news so m not sure if I want to give birth there, but it the quickest to get to for me so I guess its the logical choice?

Thanks CxXx


  • I gave birth in the JR last July and it was fine. Not brilliant but ok.
    I transferred to Chipping Norton after the JR and that was fabulous, especially if you want to BF. The mw's were so friendly and helpful.

    I wont bore with excessive details but if you want to know more then let me know.
  • Thanks Pixie, I would love to go onto Chippy. Hopefully I will get to do the same as you as I want to breastfeed.

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