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Head not engaged

Hi, was wondering if anyone had experienced their babies head not engaging? I'm due in 4 days and the midwife said this morning that the head is still not engaged? Does this mean he's never going to come out!!
Nicki .x.


  • Oh my god i have no idea im sorry to be no help. Im sure there are loads of people on here who will give you advice. .
    When is your baby's head meant to engage?? Im due in 44 days and have no idea when babys head actually engages how can midwives tell its engaged?? x x x oh your due in 4 days how exciting x x x
  • The midwife said it should have started to engage between 36 and 38 weeks, the only advice she could give me was to spend time on my hands and knees, as if I'm not uncomfortable enough! If anyone else has any tips on how I can get him to head in the right direction I'd really appreciate it .x.
  • don't worry to much some babies don't engage til the last minute and some wait til your in labour just to be awkward.going on your hands and knees and gently rocking can work but like i said don't wprry if it doesn't, if its your first baby they are quite often a bit late i've had 3 and they've never been on time....anita xx
  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • Hiya nicki, this happened with my first - my midwife was a little concerned and rang the hospital for advice-they just said theres no need to worry as it may happen during labour.....dont want to frighten you but after 37 hours in labour I ended up having an emergancy section- this is just me though......not sure if this was the reason or not???
    I know other people that have been fine head engages during labour and they have a vaginal delivery!! good luck...shay
  • Hiya Nicki. My lo's head didn't engage until the night before I went into labour! I was a bit worried as well as I thought heads engaged early with first babies ..... I guess mine just decided to leave it to the last minute! Good luck. Sarahxxx
  • Apparently sitting on a birthing ball with your legs astride and rocking from side to side is meant to help - although it's all in baby's hands as to how co-operative he/she is going to be! I am 37+4 and have mw appointment on monday so am hoping that my baby will be at least partly engaged - although she was breech until 2 weeks ago when she finally decided to turn so no doubt she'll be late to engage too!!
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