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Baby Holly

Baby Holly was born on Friday the 14th at 9.36am weighing 8lbs 14.5ozs. She is just PERFECT!!! I can't keep my eyes off her.

The section was just as bad as I feared, I took a reaction to the anestetic and was really sick and shakey, thankfully it was less than half an hour from first cut to being sewn back up! The after care I have had has been terrible, I was left in a dirty blood stained bed for over 24 hrs despite asking at least 4 times for it to be changed, I was left to care for Holly on my own with very little help and had to lift her in and out of her cot the night of the section despite not being able to get out of bed. I never received in help in my personal care and was expected to do it myself despite not being allowed out of bed,

When I was allowed out of bed the bathroom was soo dirty and the floor flooded. The last time my wound was checked was Friday night, it was just a catalouge of errors! In the end I decided that Holly and I would be better off at home and would get better care from my dp than the midwives, so today I signed myself out.

I know I am getting better care at home and that Holly is being properly looked after. I'll still have my comunity muidwife in as she has been fantastic and I will be putting in a complaint about the treatment I have had!

Hope everyone else is doing well and that those over due babys are starting to make appearances!

Amy and Holly xxx


  • I am glad you and Baby Holly are OK Amy but I think you are right to complain that is Just awful the treatment you have had to put up with.

    Jillycat x
  • Good grief Amy, that sounds terrible!! So glad you are ok and enjoying baby Holly.
    Hope your oh is looking after you well now.

    L xxx
  • congrats on your little arrival, she is gorgeous!! glad your back home and hopefully recovering well xx.
  • congrats deffo complain thats awful...enjoy your xmas together xxx
  • Congratulations Amy, I'm so happy for you and little Holly is absolutely beautiful!!

    Sorry to hear about the poor treatment you received and it sounds like you've done the right thing deciding to recover at home.

    Love & hugs to you & Holly and have a fab Christmas xxx

  • Congratulations! Holly is so beautiful. Do all her new clothes fit her?

    Your stay in hospital sounds terrible. I was also left to fend for myself and lo after the C-section, but I did not feel as badly treated as you.

    Anyway you're home so enjoy Holly and have a great Christmas.

    Gina xxx
  • Congratulations Amy on the birth of baby Holly she is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful name too (I called my little girl Hollie as her middle name)

    Sorry to hear of the terrible care you received at the hospital & youre just right to put in a complaint. So glad youre home & getting well looked after now

    Take care & have a lovely xmas with baby Holly

    Hilary x
  • Thank you every one image
    Gine yea she is in her new born clothes she looks totty, deffo doesn't look her weight lol
    My midwife was in today and can't believe how well we are doing and my wound is healing really quickly, so we are all set for a fab chritmas!
    Thanks again,
    Amy and Holly xxx
  • been wondering wehre you were babydevil as not heard on pregnancy boasrd from you in awhile image She's gorgeous i'm soooo jealous! still have 27 weeks left lol treatment was disgraceful! you made the right choice in going home and being in an HYGIENIC environment! how could they treat newborns and new mums so attrociously! grrrrrrrrrr
  • congratulations amy and welcome baby holly!! she looks beautiful and im so happy for you. what an awful experience though, its such a shame so many people go through these things and they just ruin the experience of birth. at least your're home now, welldone!!

    holly and ryan xxx
  • Congratulations Amy and baby Holly! I'm so glad youre at home now and doing well. I hope you have a fantastic christmas and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Lily and I send you lots of love, Jane x
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