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In labour??!

Hi how do you know if you have gone into labour? i know tha a show is normal and waters braking etc but is there anythin else that can show that you have or will be going into labour soon?

any help great! ta x


  • hi i had a small show but also exprienced dull period pains which gradually became stronger but dont worry you will know when it happens hope this is of some help to you when are you due
  • ive still got 6 weeks left to go, but i was sent to hospital by the doctor last week, cos of really strong cramps in my stomach. th baby had stopped moving so much as well, and i was leaking a small bit too so was just to get checked out. all was fine tho, the midwife said that it was braxton hicks and the babys head was engaged.

    the last 2 days tho ive been gettin cramps like period pains in the tops of my legs and belly again, they been goin on and off so am just a bit paniky really! first baby as well so not really sure what to expect!
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