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Full blown contractions then..... they stop!!!!

Does any one understand this?
I am 38+5wks. Last night I was having contractions for 2 and half hours from back to belly. Sometimes just the belly and sometimes just in the back. They were really strong and was timimg them every 10mins. I wanted to sit them out before calling the MW. After the 2 1/2 hours they literally just stopped. I 'cleared out' 3 times within that which is so unlike me with usually only going 2-3times a week. I had a show in the morning altho it was boggie like it was clear with no blood! Can any one help make sence of this for me pls ? ? ? :\? :\? :\?


  • hi. sounds like you are preparing to go into labour, you could go at any time. this slow start is normal try to stay mobile and upright but rest when needed and hopefully things might start up again. good luckxxx.
  • Hi

    This is how my labour started, on and off. def sign that it all is imminent, can always try some nookie if you want to hurry it along lol xx
  • I had contractions every 10 mins about 18 hours before I went into active labour.

    Sam x
  • Ive been having the same. Mine started today, my due day, i started keeping record at 2pm and they've been coming about every 7 mins. I feel them more in my back but my stomch constantly feels hard. Also when i went for a wee there was quite a sweet smell which i have read on prima baby birth section it could be my waters leaking. I had a show two weeks ago for about a week but havent had any shows since wed. Its so confusing!!! Ive had a shower and pain eased but its started back up again. The contarctions havent increased too much in intensity, does anyone think this is early labour and should i call my mw? Vicky x
  • I had pains every 10 mins for over 24 hours last week plus three very bad trips to the loo and i was sick twice, then the pains stopped. Last night i started again and they coming on and off still now. Im due tuesday so fingers crossed maybe anyday now. Am getting a clear gluey discharge but my MW said this is normal although i have read sometime a show can be clear. If its early labour tho theres not a lot the midwife can do so i guess ill have to try sit it out if im still here wednesday ill moan at my consultant about it haha.
  • hi i started my labour like this. contractions started every 6 mins for hours and i was pacing the lounge until they were 5 mins apart and quite strong so i went to hosp 9 hours later and was told i hadnt even dilated!! so i went home until my water broke 24 hours after they started and i went back in. they examined me after 5 hours of being there and i was only 1-2 cm!! my baby was born 12 hours later with ne pain releif just gas and air! nightmare!! they did slow down whilst i was at home though so i walked th house and stairs and up and down the street until my waters broke and they came thick and fast!!! good luck its very exciting!! xx
  • Thanks every one for your story's. Im still here and still fat!! No more contractions. I remember my second pregnancy was like this but most definatly not as strong as they were the other night. I really thought she was gonna come out. In a way its a good thing as I didn't really want her to be born on my birthday!!! I bet I will go over again just like I did with my 2 boys, altho with this time round being a girl and my third I do hope things will be different. x x
  • hi my labour started the same it took a few days to get going but what i think didi it was to massage the pressure point between your thumb and index fingure. it was recomended by a midwife and will only work if your ready for labour anyway. i was in full blown labour with in half an hour. good luck
  • I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, I've had no show but had period pains for the last 2 mornings, and a strange smell (sorry) like I usually get when I'm on my period..? Baby has been wriggling so much and so hard 2day, I'm so hoping he comes soon, Im too impatient 2 wait much longer..!! Does any1 think I'm close??? my midwife said y'day I'm 3/5 engaged..?
  • hey,
    don't worry, i had contractions for at least 3 hours every evening for a week! each time they were only 3mins apart, but each day they got stronger and lasted longer, not much use but you'll know when its the real time wait til they're at least every 5mins apart before goin in, it reduces the time stuck on a ward in the hosp that way if it is labour you havent been there 12hrs already or if its not they'll pass. These 'practice runs' are actually really good as it can often strenthen your muscles making labour easier! good eh?!
    just sit tight n good luck i found kneeling on all fours rocking forward n back while watching tv worked wonders in that annoying week! and me and my mates have found a good old fashioned 3hr shopping spree kicks labour in or pineapple?!
    good luck all of you!! x
  • similar thing happened to me, i know its hard not to get all excited but try and get some rest or you will have no energy when you need it. best of luck, keep us posted x
  • HI js wondering if anyone could give me abit of advice, I'm 36 + 5 and sat day I started with what I believed to be contractions/ tightenings lasting for roughly 40 secs n coming every 15 mins or so, this lasted for 12 hour n theN they went to a min long every 4 min n painfull enough that it woke me up and I couldn't sleep through them n then 6 hours later they faded out and stopped!! Anyone one got any ideas as I am totally puzzled I could have swore it was happening and now it's driving me crazy lol I'm convinced they weren't braxtons bcoz they were so persistent n lasted for so long, NAND when I've had then before its been really randomly n a couple through the day. I've also had a bit if a show today n really bad back ache n pressure down below but I really Dno wats wat now after all that, note this is my first child if you hadn't already guessed lol help!!!! X

  • Im the same, lthis week im 37 +2 and last night I was having really strong contractions every 3 mins lasting about 30 - 40 secs, they kept happening for 7 hours, then as soon as I went to bed, they fizzled out, today I woke up with terrible back pain, and thigh pain. And I swear , my plug came out this morning. Not used to this, cause my first pregnancy started with my waters breakin and then followed by contractions. Really confused, so today has been a day of pineapple and raspberry leaf tea and walking everywhere. Hoping things start up again, if not my fella is down at the weekend lol. Xx good luck girls xx

  • Im getting frustrated because my due date was Friday 21st and its now tuesday 25th. Contractions started at 4:30 sunday morning and were about 6 mins apart lasting for a minute i ended up going in to Hospital to be monitored and checked and i was 2cm. midwife told me she would definately come that day so i went home and waited for them to get stronger and closer together. I was that tired and in pain that i tried to have a sleep and sleep through them which worked but they stopped about 11:00 and have not started back since. I dont think i would be that bothered but hearing from a midwife that she would defo come kind of got my hopes up. no matter what i do i cant seem to get them to start again image


  • Last night i had contractions 3-5 minutes apart for a steady 7 hours, not strong enough for me to head to the hospital just yet and my midwife told me to have a warm bath and take some tylenol. and see if it took the edge off cause they we're still pretty painful. they got stronger though the night and stopped at about 5 am. i was so ready to finally have this baby girl!

  • Im 39 +1 day with second baby. Woke up with sore pain in ledt side. Couple hours later a was in the bath an i had a show clear and brown in colour. Few hours later cramps in stomach an lower back. Contractions every hour for 24 hours now. Midwife said if had a show definetley the start, but just wondering of anyone else has been through the same. My first labour was 50 hours. 

  • Try a birthing ball it helps alot u sound like u may b in the same position as me *slow labour* I am no professional but I am on my 5th baby n now 36weeks +2 I just try n walk alot coz it helps in labour wen ya have a active pregnancy 


    Yes during my first labor I was in pain for two days .As it was my first labor I was not able to understand how the contraction feels like .First day I had some watery discharge. I had contractions every two hours for two days. My contractions got stronger by the end of second day.They stopped at about 2 at night when my son was born.

  • Hi,i was 38 weeks and contraction started it was like like every 10 minutes but last only 2 3 seconds and feeling a lot of pressure on pelvic area even tho my bone was hurting so much , it happen to me 38+1 week then it stops and started again at 38+4 weeks then i go to hospital they did my internal checkup and said it was fake contractions your cervix didn’t open yet wait some more time give me paracetamol and codein said come back if still its gets stronger after taking tablets , now i am 39 weeks but no signs of labour tablets helps me in pain but i want to meet my baby soon! Any tips for early labour
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