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being induced?

hi,my waters have broke but not having strong contractions,and still only 3cm dilated, im being induced on thursday if i dont go into labour myself before then.

whats it like to be induced, are the pains worse? im really worried, dont want an epidural but so scared incase i cant cope with the pains!


  • hi. if you don't get regular contractions between now and thursday and your waters have broken they may put you on the drip to get your contractions going. they do come quick and all of a sudden, the mw will slowly turn the drip up every half hour until you are in a good strong pattern of contractions. you may be monitored continuously as they will want to keep an eye on baby to make sure baby is tolerating the contractions. i was induced this way with my 3rd baby. get the gas and air ready before they do the drip thats my advice. good luck hun. look forward to looking at your birth
  • i am being induced on monday, if i dont go into labour myself before then, as i will be 10 days over. They are breaking my waters and using the drip. Last time the gel was enough to start labour (without having to break my waters) so they think i may not need the drip...but i am so scared of the thought that someone can "turn up" your contractions! has anyone managed with the drip without an epidural as i really dont want one, but dont know if ill handle the pain.???;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • hi. i had the drip as i have explained in my post and i started with gas and air then had pethidine to handle the pain. i was shouting out for an epidural as it was so painful but the mw knew that i definatly didn't want one and was really encouraging and i made it with
  • the drip for getting the contractions going is good i was put on this and it worked, i wouldn't say that the pain is really that much worse its just more that you dont get the mild contractions that slowly build up to the big ones, you start of with the big ones, or at least me and everyone i know thats had it done had it work like this. when i was induced with the drip they broke my waters before putting the drip in and just 3 hours and 45 mins later my son was born x
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