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She's finally here

well she's finally here after being 13 days over due. I was due on the 31st July with my 3rd I had convinced myself that this time it would be different and the baby would be early but obviously she found it far too comfy in there.
I went into hospital on 12th August to be induced at 10am on the 13th, I was put on a monitor for 2 hours and then i was given an internal by the registrar, he did another sweep on me as i was 3 cm dilated already. and then they decided that rather than wait until the morning they would start me off right then. They also decided not to give me a persary but to break my waters and give me the hormone drip. well they broke my waters at 1am and started the drip off at about 3am. at 5 i managed to go to sleep but only to wake up at 5.30 with my contractions being 2 minutes apart.........I was examined at 7 but i was only 4cm dilated and was told it'd probably be another 6 hours at least cos they estimate a cm an hour. by 8.30 i was pushing and by 9.17 I pushed an 8lb baby girl into the world, who we have named Paige. she had a tough time making her way out, with the cord wrapped around her neck and her shoulders getting stuck but she finally made it. I had no pain relief and no stitches.
She slept all of monday and part of tuesday and wouldnt take any feeds, she just kept throwing up mucus, but her blood sugar levels were perfect so they werent too concerned but it meant that we had to stay in until she fed. she took 3 feeds tuesday evening but wednesday morning the midwife became concerned as she had become very jaundice through not feeding, she took a blood test which proved she needed urgent treatment and she was taken to the neonatal unit where they gave her a double dose of phototherapy for 24hours, then after her bloods being checked again they said she was ok to come back to the ward with me, she had to have her blood checked again at 9pm thursday night which came back with the ok to go home providing the midwife was satisfied with me. we came home at 10am friday morning and she has been such an angel. i have to wake her for her feeds during the night, but the midwife said that providing she feeds no longer than 4 hourly during the day she can be left for 6 hours during the night, because she had been so poorly. She finally latched on to my boobs once we came home so it just proves the more relaxed you are the better. I think i scared my father in law yesterday when i got my tits out lol

Its such a relief to finally be back home with Paige ;\)

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