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How long after birth did u stop bleeding

hiya ladies..
well the title says it all - How long after birth did u stop bleeding? and was ready for sex? xxx


  • it took me a good few weeks to stop bleeding and then i only had about a week free and AF started so there wasn't much sex for a while but i had a c-section so it's probably different for natural are u hun? x
  • Hi, i stopped bleeding about a week later. I healed very quickly and was ready for sex again after 3 weeks. x
  • hi stopped bleedin about 4/5wks but haven stil had sex n its bin 11wks sinc n not sur how i feel n she's my 2nd baby but wit d 1st it took 6 mons b4 it felt rite though. but kind of feel like its rite now not jus sur
  • I bled for about 6 weeks. I had a 3rd degree so we didn't even try until 12 weeks but it was uncomfortable so we waited until 20 weeks and it was fine.
    Just luck and remember, it's not a competition or race.
    Liz x
  • I bled like a heavy period for only a few days after giving birth then went very light on and off for 5 weeks. We waited until after my 6 week check up until we had sex again xx
  • Hi, i bled for just 5 days (weird i know) still i didn't have sext until a month afterwards (and after a glass of rose! LOL!) xx
  • Hi im prob the only one who really really wanted sex couple of hours after giving birth but i put this down to the fact that my lo was born 8 weeks early and was wisked off straight away to nicu so there was me ond doh cuddled up in bed feeling really down to say the least and just wanted to be close (dont think you can get much closer) but didnt do any thing untill bout 5weeks after as it took nearly 4weeks for bleading to stop which i wasnt told untill after i had baby thought i was going to bleed to death lol xx
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