When you leave the hospital

Hi Ladies

I hope as ever you ladies can help me!!

When you leave the hospital with your new bundle of joy I would like to know what the rules are!

Do you have to have a baby car seat with you when you leave or can you get away with having a from birth car seat in the car??

When I had my son almost 3 years ago I had the car seat with me in the hospital when I was released.

Just wanted to know what the rules were??

Thanks for your help

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  • Well I know with my first that we had to take the car seat to the ward and put baby in it there and then . The nurse/midwife then carried the baby in the seat down to the doors and said goodbye. Having said that it was 8yrs ago lol!

    Not much help, sorry lol !! As I have had homebirths since then xxxxxxxxxxx
  • when i had my son 6months ago we were not allowed to just carry him out in my arms, we had to bring the car seat in to the ward and weren't even allowed to walk thru the corridors just acrrrying him he had to be in the carseat. and that was at 2 different hospitals, the one i gave birth in and then the same in the birth centre that i transferred to for breastfeeding support both had the same policy that baby had to be in the car seat. xx
  • My midwife said it wouldn't be a problem, and that they could always wheel me to the car in a wheelchair holding the baby to make sure it was all safe! I think each hopsital must vary a lot...
  • hi

    my baby is 5 weeks old and the hospital didnt even see me leave the ward! i was discharged by the doc who just said 'yeah you can go home' and we left carrying the baby and no one even noticed us leave.

    i hope not all hospitals are like that lol! i think the general rule is that you have to bring the car seat up to the ward so they can see that you have one. If your unsure you could maybe call the ward and ask them
  • At ours you had to carry the car seat up and the midwife said goodbye as you were doing the last bit of paperwork at the desk.
  • Yeah, best to ask your hospital. Ours prefers the car seat to be brought in, but can be a bit flexible as long as they know what's going on.

    C xxx
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