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i need tips on how to get labour started

Hello all!!, i am 38 weeks pregnant but want to know as many tips as possible to get labour going, this is due to the fact that my husband is currently serving in iraq and will be home for 6 days of the week im due, if i go overdue he will miss the birth and wont see his baby til it is 9 weeks old!!i asked my mw if i could have a sweep when im due but the flatly refused, so starting to panic a bit now. This is my second baby my first was born 5 years ago and i was 2 days overdue. any help would be great. kind regards Helen


  • Hi Helen,
    I've just asked a question about castor oil. I have googled it and it sounds amazing but people on here aren't so sure so i don't know what to think now.
    When are you due hun? xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi ya

    I'm due on Sunday and have been told to try the following:

    - Hot Baths
    - Sex and lots of it which would be nice if i didn't feel so huge and unattractive!
    - V V hot Curries
    - Fresh Pineapple
    - Clary Sage Oil in bath
    - Long Walks

    I have done everything on the list apart from sex but def think hubby is going to get jumped this weekend however i have a feeling even that won't work and lo is just far too comfy to make an appearance!

    Fingers crossed it helps and your lo arrives when your hubby is home! x x
  • due on 22 feb and cant wait!! getting fed up now not heard of the clary sage trick ill be trying that one out. good luck too
  • hi sportfish
    just wanted to wish you good luck image i know how you feel as it looks like my oh will be away when i'm due. i too asked my midwife about inducing/sweep @38wks (as he is home for 1 week at easter) we have friends that have been induced for these reasons so i thought it was worth asking about too.

    so i'll be pinching all the ideas of your thread & shall look forward to you letting us know which worked best for you as you are due before me image
  • Sorry to gatecrash the labour forum ladies. I had my lo in October and I was 38wks +2. I was taking raspberry leaf tablets that are supposed to help tone uterus and ease labour, it did that but I'm also sure it helped with slightly early arrival. My hairdresser also gave me a very quirky tip - get a bikini wax. She told me she had her bikini line waxed and her lo arrived a week later. I'd already booked in for mine and guess what lo arrived exactly a week later!

    Worth a try and gets everything tidy in the process!!

    Good luck ladies - don't worry about labour, mine was only 1 1/2 hours from start to delivery with first baby.

  • Last time around I tried sex, curry, chilli, walks, a sweep, nothing worked. Due in 4 weeks and a few days and after reading this thread I am about to hit the raspberry leaf tea. My friend is a doctor and I was asking her and she come up with nothing else, neither did another who is a midwife. Best of luck, just remembered, aerobics / birthing balls are supposed to get the baby in the correct position, which has o be a plus. I'll be hoping for everyone, let the rest of us know how it goes, I was told on Thursday by consultant that mine isn't just big, it is a 'chunky monkey'. Made me really look forward to labour.
  • HI
    I'm due on tuesday and my husband got bsck from Afghan this week so i know how your feeling. My midwife says sex is definately the best thing although it hasn't worked for me so far so i'm on the pineapple and walking tomorrow!
    Good luck
  • I did the 3 B's last time Bath, Balti and Bonk. He arrived the day after so im gonna try this again.

    Sara 39 wks
  • walk until you cant walk anymore! i know long walks are reccommended, but u gotta go for LOOONG ones and plenty of them! for about 2weeks b4 my lo was due i went on a walk every evening for say... an hour at the least (was bloody hard work in that condition!) but my contractions started 2days b4 my due date and i believe the walking helped. also if u have an exercise/birthing ball switch the sofa for that when watching the tele and just bounce and bounce. i did that but also found it genrallymore comfy. i also had tonnes and tonnes of curry and pineapple but i dont actually think they did anything apart from put me off them for life! lol xx
  • i changed all the beds and went into labour an hour later,def best to keep movin!!i also swear by the rasp leaf,had with both and baby number 1 was 3 days early,number two a week.good luck hun!!!xx
  • sitting here on the raspberry leaf tea right now.....its minging!!! but no pain no gain, fingers crossed it works! hope your hubby gets to meet the baby on his RnR.x

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  • thanks all for the tips i am literally trying everything apart from the sex as hubby not here yet, poor man will probably get pounced on as soon as he walks in. still getting loads of period pains but nothing happening. ill keep you posted xx
  • I had a sweep yesterday and hasn't worked, neither has the raspberry leaf, the pineapple or sex so i guess he's just gonna come when he's ready! Due today so waiting is my only option now! Hopeully you'll be on time and he'll be here.
  • Hey

    Im on the raspberry leaf tea aswell, doesn't seem to be doing much, I thought it might start some braxton hicks but none yet, which is worrying coz i'm 38+4 and not had any at all!!! Hopefully the tea will help in labour though.

    I've been trying clary sage in the bath. I had my first one last night. I read about it and it is supposed to help bring labour on. You can rub it on you're bump (diluted) aswell. I'm warning you though....IT STINKS!!! I felt like I needed another bath after the one I had last night! Going to keep at it though, every little helps!

    12 days seems like a century away, even worse if I go over, which I probably will as baby wasn't quite engaged when I saw the midwife on Monday!

    Oh well, she'll arrive when she is ready i suppose.

    A mightily fed up Lucy
  • i had my lo in august last year but just thought i'd be nosey..............i was induced 14 days overdue.............but i tried everything............raspberry leaf tea, liquorice, heaps of pineapple, curry, loads of sex (dont think dh knew what hit him lol), hot baths, long walks.................obviously none worked........................with my eldest i tried castor oil with orange squash (the oil on its own tastes foul) but that did nothing for me either except leave a bad taste in my mouth.............its worth trying them as everyone is different but to be honest they come out when they are good and ready..........................good luck sportfish.....i have my fingers crossed for you that lo comes when your husband is on leave
  • I will be 39 weeks this week I'm dialated only a centimeter and 50 percent effaced. I hope I hear good news this thursday. My doctor will be sweeping. I've been getting contractions like crazy though I always think this could be it but not yet! Also my husband and I decided on a name and now he tells me he doesn't like it I'm less than 2 weeks from my due date! What are some good boy names?

  • I am 38+3 weeks pregnant an tried walking lots, I'm addicted to spicey foods. An castor oil is my last option but I'm afraid I'm not up to it yet. Are cold or hot baths recommended? Or lifting anything? I'm almost out of options
  • I would suggest you all please dont think of induced labour.According to my experience induced labour is very painful let the  process occur naturally.Your baby also has to go through pain .You will  have to go through lpain for longer time.Let the pain start naturally.It will be good for you and your baby.

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