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a show????? poss tmi

hi ladies im 35/6 and had signs of early labour last week and was admitted to hospital for steroid injections all went quiet and came home on tuesday only to keep having the same pain it can last all day then suddenly stop. yesterday i went to the loo after wiping i had clear stretchy stuff not alot but enough like egg white but there was no blood or anything could this be a show?? i have had a little this morning too but not sure what it is any advice gratefully recived x x x x


  • Hi Bev6, I'm due in 2wks and no signs yet but I think what you're describing is probably just discharge? Sorry for TMI but I've noticed mine has increased a lot in the last few weeks & some of it is quite unusual haha! But I don't think any of it has been a show. From what I understand a show isn't a sign of active labour, just an indication that your cervix is beginning to soften ready for labour to start so I think you can relax x
  • hi i'm due in 2 weeks 2day and have also been gettin discharge i first notice it a couple of weeks ago and my mw said it was normal, i've also started havin discomfort at the botton of my bump and my back pain been gettin worse which my mw said was also normal and it will get worse as my due date gets closer but u can relax its really nothing to worried about but if u are worried then i would speak to ur mw. All the best and Good Luck
  • thats exactly how my show came away. that happened for about 2weeks b4 my LO, i was always excited about going to the loo to see if anymore was there. it rarely had blood in it, just occasionally red streaks x
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