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I had a scan today as baby has been measuring big and they wanted to check. Scan was fine - baby still slightly big but not off the charts giant or anything,

Went to leave as was told I was being seen by the doctor - which I hadn't realised.

When I was last in I had my GTT done as I have a high BMI - but everything has been fine, my blood pressure, sugar levels etc etc all in all I've had a healthy pregnancy.

However the doctor I saw was really strange - I dont think it help that in the nicest sense she did not speak english very well, when I went in she said the scan was fine then said they wanted me back in for a sweep on the 24th.... I'm not due until the 26th so found it very odd that she was offering me a sweep prior to my due date....

I asked her twice if she wanted me to come in for a sweep before my due date, she said yes, and then said actually lets get you in on the 30th and has booked me in for a sweep already...

This is my first baby so I don't have a history of late births or anything - and I found it quite biazzre.

She then proceeded to say I'll give you an internal if you like....

So I asked if there was any reason I needed an internal excam at that point - to which she said no but I can do one...

I said that as I was fine, baby was fine I didnot really want one as I didnt see any need.

She said we could go ( one of my friends had come with me) as we were leaving she called us back and proceeded to tell me not to be concerned if the next time she sees me people talk to me about c-sections..... esp if the baby hadnt turned...........

My boy has been head down since 30 weeks - and before and at last scan - done that day he was engaged..... and the midwife has in my notes im engaged....

asked if something had happened or if there was a reason the baby would not be engaged or if there was something she wanted to tell me - but I just didnt really get an answer and she just carried on saying not to be shocked.....

its left me all a bit confuused to be honest and its making me feel like there is something wrong, even through I know the scan all went fine....

Has anyone else ever had this or been book in for a sweep prior to them passing their due date??

Thoroughly confused - and yes I will be giving my mid wife a call for a chat as I'm not seeing her for 2 weeks!

Judith x



  • I'm sure there's nothing wrong, but it does sound like the doc was a bit confused.

    Just to say that I had an early sweep at 39+4 as I happened to be seeing my mw that day anyway for a check-up, and she offered.

    I hope your midwife gives you some answers - in the meantime no worrying allowed, it just sounds like the doc wasn't quite sure of the situation rather than that anything's wrong.
  • It sounds like she got confused with the position bit but I think it is quite normal to book you for a sweep before they know you need it. My first baby was 10 days early but even so when I had my booking appointment for my second (14 weeks) they booked my post dates appointment for a sweep, the week after no. 2 was due. They said it would just be cancelled if I'd already had the baby. I really wouldn't worry, it sounds like everything is just fine.
  • with my son i was given an hosp for when i was 41 weeks at 37 weeks just incase i hadn't had him, so they discuss what to do next.

    Hopefully your mw will clariy for you but the doctore sure sounded a little confused and i can understand why you are to.
  • I was told I had a big baby. I had various scans to check the growth etc. Its nothing to worry about but the consultant will keep an eye. I imagine they will give you a sweep as in the two weeks over your due date the baby piles on the weight which could cause you difficulty delivering naturally. Some consultants don't believe in inducing/sweeping those with larger babies as it can slow the labour down with the result being a c section. I really wouldn't worry as like many, many others, scans aren't very precise. Mine wasn't and I delivered a 9lbs 13ozs baby naturally!! Your body will only grow a baby that you can cope with. Put your mind at rest and check with your MW. Bets of luck x
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