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Home Birthing Pools???

I am planning on having a home water birth & I was wondering what type of pool to hire as there are soo many available.

If anyone has had a home water birth before what did you use & would you recommend it


Hilary x


  • We're planning a home birth and have gone for a Birth Pool in a Box - baby was due yesterday so we haven't actually "used" it yet but did have a trial run last weekend & it was lovely.

    We chose this one because I quite liked the look of it - it's inflatable so easy to assemble and came with all the kit for filling & sieve, which my husband thinks is hilarious - we'll see who's laughing when he needs to use it!!!

    The main reason we went for this is that it was affordable - cost us ??100 on eBay (unused) & we'll sell it on when the baby arrives. The main downside is that it doesn't come with a heater so it will need to be topped up with hot water to keep it at the right temperature. We did get a heat-retaining cover which should help to hold in the heat when I'm not in it but hubby will be busy boiling kettles & saucepans. Still, gives him somethig to do I guess!

    Other pluses is that it is small enough to fit in our (tiny) dining room, it's easy to get in & out of and the inflatable sides are soft & comfy to lean on.

    Hope this helps - good luck with your birth plans.

    Kate xx.
  • Thanks for replying. I had actually looked at those on the internet & wondered what they were like. I would be really interested to hear feedback on what you thought of it after youve used it. Good luck with the birth & hope everything goes to plan

    Hilary x
  • Hi there

    I used the 'La Bassine' birth pool, which I think is really similar to the birth pool in a box, it's inflatable and costs about ??100 if you get the kit with the pump and so on. It was really easy and quick to put up and take down, it wasn't huge but it was big enough, should be fine as long as you're not too tall and don't want your partner to get in the pool with you. It doesn't have a heater, my hubby had to keep adding hot water which meant he was rushing around a bit- especially as I insisted he hold my hand through every contraction! But he didn't really mind, it made him feel useful!

    I didn't actually give birth in the pool but I was in it for most of the first stage and I did find it really helpful and relaxing. Like I say, I think La Bassine is pretty much the same as Birth Pool in a Box from what I've seen online, so it's definitely worth checking them both out.

  • Thanks, thats good to know. I'll definately have a look at both of them. I'm just glad that they are not the ??400 - ??500 to hire that the midwives tried to tell me they were!!!!
  • from what i saw on tv you can get one through nhs, providing you have all your check ups an scans etc through nhs. worth asking about

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  • Thanks, I did ask that but unfortunately you have to either hire or buy your own over here. i will ask again though just incase whoever I was talking to got it wrong

    Hilary x
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