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C section - how long in hospital after?


Haven't been on here before but now I'm going to have my lo in less than 3 weeks, feel a bit more genuine!!

I've had two previous sections, the last one being 4 years ago, so know pretty much what it entails, but was wondering what the SP was on how long you have to stay in afterwards? With my last ds I was supposed to be in for 3 nights, but ended up longer as he had to go to SCBU.

I've heard recently of someone being out in just over 24 hours, which I would love but don't think it's going to happen?

Anyone on here know what the general consensus is these days?


21 days to goimage


  • Hey stranger! I know my mate was out the same in less than 24 hours but she had her son on xmas eve and was let out on xmas day! Think that was more to do with the time of year though, and she later admitted that she wished she had stayed in longer as she was so tired and emotional. My sil stayed in for 3 nights, but it will relly all depend on you and lo. Now long now!!! Tammi xxx
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  • I had my baby at 3.30am and I stayed that night and the next night. I was told if everything was OK it is only 2 nights. I think they prefer you to stay in 3 nights but I was adamant I was going home, it was sooo hot and sweaty in hospital and I was struggling on my own. Home is the best place!!! xxx
  • i stayed in for 3 nights with both my previous sections by the 3rd night I'd really had enough and was glad i was home the following day . I'm booked in for my 3rd section on 26th June and 2 nights would be fine i think but we'll see how things go. I agree home is def the best place xx
  • With both of my previous sections I had them quite late at night stayed in that night and was home afternoon of the next day. They where 5 and 3 years ago. Booked for a section on monday and hope to be home tuesday.
  • Hi, I went in to be induced at 8am ont he monday, had emergency c-sec and baby arrived at 6:44 on the monday. Left hospital about 11ish Wednesday morning though they did say I could leave on the tuesday! Even though I hate hospitals I found it too early as was still in quite bit of pain from my wound
  • I was in 4 but only because the wee man lost too much weight.
  • Thanks girls - seems 2 nights seems to be the sensible option.

    I really do want to get home asap as I don't feel from my personal experience that hospitals offer as much support as I could get at home anyway - by the time the midwifes are free to do anything always seems to be too late!

    Thanks again - good luck for Monday Aideen!

    Tammi - too excited now - although I'm definitely gonna beat you to it!!!

  • Thanks Karen, im hoping i will go before then. Had show tuesday and been having alot of pain and tightenings all day today and really bad back ache since yesterday. Fingers crossed. OH is now insisting he has a drink tonight though so im guessing that means he wants me to cross my legs becuase he wont be able to drive me to hospital. Great how supportive!
  • A work mate of mine was in for 4 days after having a c-section;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I had Ellie on Friday am and was told I could leave Sun night but wanted to leave the monday morning. When Ellie was weighed Monday am she'd lost too much weight so we didn't end up leaving till Tuesday lunch time. So 5 days for us. x
  • I had Caoimhe yesterday at 15.56 by caesarian and was discharged at 5pm today
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