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Plug Gone Yeah!!! Need Advice.....Help...

Thats great. Hope its all happening for you now. I had a show on Friday night last week and had been having contractions all day but Arwen didn't turn up until Sunday evening. It was a long wait and I had no sleep but well worth it. Hope it doesn't take as long for you. x


  • Hiya my plug has just gone... Thank goodness....
    Does that mean I have to give birth in 24 hours incase of infection? Do I need to report to hospital as im due for a induction tomorrow...
    Im excited now...
  • Sorry dont know anything about that, surely its a good thing! Best of luck***image
  • Congrats! This might mean you dont need your induction tomorrow exciting!

    You dont need to go to hospital and its only when your waters break that theres a risk of infection! I lost my plug on my due date with my first, the same day she was born because i was induced.

    I have heard you can lost your plug weeks before you give birth though, but as your due for induction tomorrow your bubba will soon be here anyway! Its a good sign that all is softening up and getting ready so good luck!

    Keep us posted, Emma xx
  • Cheers Mama.M.
    I hope ur right and wont need inducing...
    Hopefully things might move quickly now...Theve certainly took there time...
    I was just shocked n happy wth the show as no braxtons hicks today...Fingers crossed...
    How long have u got left hun?
  • Congrats SW33 hopefully that means you are on your way! My sho was on the tuesday afternoon and i had Eden on the wednesday afternoon so you may not need to be induced, how cool, you will see your little one soon!!!
    Good Luck x
  • Hi hun,

    I'm due the 16th may but trying to get them to induce me a week early because i have Group B Strep and need intravenous antibiotics while in labour. I had a very quick delivery with my last bubba and she had symptoms of Group B Strep infection - poor feeding, over-sleepy ect so i'm hoping the hospital will take this seriously!

    Anyway you've probably had your little lamb by now, looking forward to hearing your news my love!

    Big kisses, Emma xxx
  • your only at risk of infection if your waters go xx
  • Hello Girls..
    Ended up getting induced on the 24th and had Harri on 25th the plug didnt end up sending me into labour naturally....
    Thanks for all your help..
    Ur all stars...
  • Ahhh Congrats hun! Sooo jealous ...i want mine! Hope the labour wasn't too painful just enjoy your bubba and enjoy being a mum!

    Love and best wishes to you and bubba,

    Emma xx
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