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Birth of Gracie May

Well, after joking about a drive-thru labour and birth, that's exactly what I got!!!

Woke at 5am on Monday 10th December with proper contractions coming every 8 mins and decided at 7am I should get up and ring my mum and dad to take the boys to school and nursery - I didn't fancy a 45 min trip as now they were coming 7 mins apart...
By 8am they were 5 mins apart but slowed to 7 mins again by 8.30am. I kept moving, put the washing on and even wanted to go to Tesco just so they wouldn't stop! Had quite a bad one at 9.30 and hubby said 'I'm taking you in' - think he was worried of having to do a Max and Tania off Eastenders!!
We arrived at hosp at 10.05 and all was quite calm until I had a bad contraction at 10.25. Mw examined me and found me at 6cm dilated and started to get a birth pack and gas and air ready. Good job minute I'm having a brew, next minute I'm on the bed knelt up asking if I could push! By 10.40am I was fully dilated but waters didn't go til 10.45....4 minutes later Gracie May entered the world and was whisked through my legs for skin to skin cuddles. It was amazing and I couldn't believe it when I was told she was 8lb 10oz (boys were 7lb 2 and 7lb 6.5!).
My beautiful little girl was born bang on her due date, made a speedy arrival without tearing her mummy and were home after the 6 hour checks in time for tea!!! If she wasn't my third, and last, I'd do it all again!!!:lol:
Good luck all those still waiting for their bundles of joy!
Ali and Gracie xx


  • Congratulations, sounds just the birth you want, well done on your daughter, take care xx
  • congrats and what a lovely name x
  • congratulations! sounds like you had a great birth! take care x
  • Congratulations...your one of 4% in the world who have babies on their due date! What a lovely name...enjoy little Gracie
  • Congratulations (again, already put post on dec forum)!!

    I want a birth like that! Wow, what a wonderful story to read on my due date, still hope for me yet then, got 13hours and 22mins to join the on time babies!
  • Congratulations,

    Its always lovely to hear someone say that they'd do it all over again!! Mine is 2 weeks old & I'm getting broody for no.3!!!

    A big welcome to little Gracie & hope you are both doing well

    Hilary x
  • Aaawww huge congratulations hun, glad you didn't have to hard a time of it. Take care and a huge welcome to baby Gracie xxx
  • well done alioli! cant believe you let me have my sweep on my own! lolnevermind ill forgive you, mine worked and have my story on here too now!!
    hope you are all doing well and getting lots of cuddles,sleep and more cuddles
    xxx holly and ryan xxx
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