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can anyone tell me how they felt a few days before labour?

.. or the couple of weeks previous?...
I would just like to know the signs!..
are period pains a sign, dhioria... ?? .. and how soon afterwards did you go into labour?

Thankx x


  • hi
    i had braxton hicks and period pains alot for a couple weeks before labour. i also had bits of my plug come away and had snotty coloured discharge for a couple weeks before until a large peice came away 10 days before, the rest when my waters broke. i had no "clear out" though. but i clearly remember feeling absolutely shite the day labour started and i woke up exhausted despite a good sleep. and felt very different for no reason until contractions started at tea time. i would say if you are due and you wake up feeling exhausted please sleep its your bodys way of preparing you for labour i regret not doing so as my contractions started on sat 5pm and i didnt give birth till monday 9am!!! i was buggered!!! good luck xxx
  • thanks hayleys1..
    ive got the braxton hicks.. irregular at the moment, have dhioria and period pains...

    How long did it take before you had a show .. was this within those two weeks/....?..
    my period pains have been for about a week now!... ive had no show yet.. but think my hind waters broke sunday just gone... Did this happen to you at all?

    also how quickly did your real contractions start from these other feelings.?..
    sorry for all the questions.. but im desperate to know whats happening with me... x

    oh.. and did you give birth before or after your due date (not that this is relevant!)... xx

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  • hi
    my waters went with a pop and a gush 24 hours after contractions went, my show was about 10 days before labour started. my son was 4 days early thank god for not going over!! i had period type pains for a couple weeks prior to labour which got worse nearer to time. sounds like things are moving in right direction but dont bank on it being imminent hun it can take a while for your body to prepare hope this helps xx
  • Thanks hayley1..
    really appreciate your help...
    still have dhioria and had real crap bach ache and restless night last night...

    I think im getting ready very slowly.... mind you I'd rather he didnt come for another week at least as he will be pre-term otherwise!

    Thanks again xxx
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