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The mongan method CDs

Hi there,

I ordered the book and CD from Amazon - they were used as there are none new. The book has just arrived minus the CD. I am sorting it out with the company I bought it from but they do not have th CD to send on to me. Has anyone found the CD anywhere other than amazon/ebay? I am just worried about ordering from there again in case the same thing happens - delivery took well over a week and I really want to get started with listening to the CD!! If anyone has finished with the CD I would happily buy it from you!!! ITUNES should have it!!

Thanks in advance,

Ruth x


  • i hypnobirthed and had a totally pain free birth - good luck. sorry keeping my cd for next baby lol xx
  • Thanks for the reply Mrs KB - did you go to the classes or just use the CD and book? Ordered another copy of the book and CD so hopefully it's on its way now!! Need to get cracking!! xx
  • I am also desperate for a cd. can anyone perhaps make a copy and sell it on ebay to us?
  • Hi there, i've been on ebay watching these for few days and the book and cd is available from ??8.50 upwards. Hope it helps x
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