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my birthstory

well hello girlies yiz wud all be glad to now lttle abigal arrived last week
on saturday the 13th at 8 08 am
heres my story

well it all started on friday last week i was sitting in mc donalds(as usual)
wit one of the girls from work cuz i was sill workin till saturday
well any way i was sittin der and all of a sudden tought i was wetting myself
cuz my waters wer braking away slowly i went to walk t the door and a big bit came went rushing to the batroom to make sure i wasnt wetting myself and yes it was my waters i put on a santury towel and went bak over to work i was sitting outside and it was like my friend was in labour the way she was going on
i sed to her not to say anything as i didnt wna go straight to hospital and they wud av made me but by the time i had got bak to work dur was no stopping it,it jus kept dripping i went to the hospital
they confirmed it was my waters they sed if didnt gi into llabour naturally that they wud induse me the nxt morning they let e go home
but at around 11 i startet to get really bad pains i went straight to the hospital they told me i wasnt n labour and i told them i was dis went on for about 5 mins:lol: but they kept me in i couldnt sleep wit the pain so at 4 i went and got into the shower nurse heard me moaning about a haf an our later i was still in the shower she sed shed examine me wen i came out she did and i was 2cm dialated
i jus felt like saying ha i told u!!i had to ring my oh and let him no i went to the labor ward wen he got der i was brought to the labour ward i got the epidoodle and by half 6 i was fuly dialated and ready to push the brought me in i stared pushing and by 8 08 she was out they weighd her and told me she was
5lbs4 but that machine was broken so they weighd her again and she was 6lbs 2

my poor little princess has a problem with her hips and has to wer a harness 4 six weeks
but after that she should be perfectly fine
i avnt added pics yet cuz i dnt no how bu wen i do ill show yiz!!!!!!!
thanks 4 listening and good luk to the rest of yiz!!!xxx


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