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Question for ppl that delivered placenta without injection

Hi, I gave birth to DS 17 months ago and now preggers with 2nd child. I had a nightmare the other night about how i delivered the placenta last time. I had kind of forgetten about the experience but it is obviously haunting me so I discussed it with current mw today but wanted to ask more on here.
I gave birth very quickly and easily (was only in delivery room an hour and half!) so I decided NOT to have the injection to help placenta. I started having contractions to deliver the placenta but the midwife (I feel) basically dragged the thing out of me - my DH agrees (he watched in horror!) and it came out quick but it felt really horrible and not natural at all (my birth felt very right and natural).
I spoke to my mw today and she said they do pull it out gently when you have the injection but shouldn't if you don't.
I now know it was wrong (which I am a bit mad about) I think she was rushing me cos it was a very busy day on the labour ward. And I feel I will be able to ask for what I want having more knowledge this time.
I don't want to scare anyone with this post - I had a lovely birth experience overall but I wanted to ask people that didnt have the injection if they were left to deliver the placenta natural without any pulling or tugging from the midwife??


  • Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy. I ahve delivered the placenta both ways. With my 1st I had the injection & there was some very very gentle pulling but it didnt feel forced at all & then with my 2nd I delivered in water without it & it was just left to come out on its own without any interference from the mw at all (my 3rd was a section & probably the easiest of all!!!! lol) I have to say I think I preferred it with the injection looking back as it all came away in one piece whereas without the injection it came away in parts.

    Good Luck xx
  • My MW said not to have the injection as my labour was very quick,and so the placenta should follow rapidly... 45mins later im still trying to deliver it..??wasnt a nice am definately opting for the injection straight away this time xx
  • Hi, well iv'e had the injection twice once where it was fine one pull and it was out, the other time it came out in pieces and i was still passing them a week later and needed antibiotics to stop infection. Then i delivered it with out injection the other time and feel i bled more heavily afterwards because of it. That said i am no expert but would say that it would differ from birth to birth as the placenta is effected differently each time. My membranes were 'ragged' with the one where i was still passing it a week later. I would still opt for the injection tho as its quicker and all i wanted to do was hold my baby, the no injection way took about an hour. I would say that go with what you feel.
  • Hi

    With my first I wanted to deliver it naturally but they advised against it and I went along with their suggestion. I had the injection and they pulled and also massaged my tummy it took a little while but I can't remember how long.

    Second pregnancy I again didn't want the injection. I was at home so we put the baby to the breast to try and get things going but nothing, I was eventually asked to sit on the loo to see if gravity might help. The only thing the midwife did was give the cord a little wiggle but eventully it came away about an hour after I had had Thea. It was definitely longer than the injection though.

    It did feel like a long time and I remember thinking at the time why did I bother and I would much rather be sitting in bed cosying up to my baby than sitting here waiting. I am sure there was a reason why I chose not to have the injection and I had looked into it but I cannot remember for the life of me what the reason was nor did it seem that important after I had had Thea.

    The most important thing to me was that they wait for the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it which they did with both labours.

    I personally bled for a shorter time second time round and also it was a lot lighter but I have no idea whether how you birthed the placenta affects that.
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