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Having my sweep today!!!

I am 40+5 and the midwife is coming over in this morning to do my sweep. Couldn't sleep last night as I am so worried about it incase it doesn't work.
Anyway, will let you all know how it goes and hopefully I may meet my lo this weekend (fingers crossed!!)


  • I had my sweep last night at 40+5. Quite uncomfy but not sore at the time. Feeling immense pressure and twinges since then with increased mucus. Hope that something happens over the weekend!!!

    Due to go back for a second sweep on Sunday so fingers crossed. Really don't want to get induced on Thursday.

    Good luck with your sweep and let me know how you are getting on.:?
  • hi gelfling im 40+6 had 1st sweep on wed which immediatly set off back ache and irregular contractions but it all died down. had lots of discharge but nothing else got no2 sweep in an hour . it does not hurt just relax and its over in a flash x x x
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