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What would u all say are the best natural ways to kick start labour, Im only almost 33 weeks but got a big baby so gunna start thinking about this in just a couple more weeks or so, Really just fed up now. Any1 else in the same boat xxxxx


  • well i ran up and down the stairs when i was preganant with my little boy and did star jumps then i went into labour about 6 hours later that was o n the 21st dec cause i was determind not to have him on christmas day it worked for me so it might you.
  • Hahaha i bet u looked quite crazy being all heavily pregnant and doing star jumps, as for running up n down stairs how did u have the energy in you?? xxx
  • TO be honest, probably not what you're going to want to hear, but baby will come when ready and in my experience not a single old wives tale or natural remedy worked for me.
    I ate curry, pineapple, castor oil and fresh orange juice, walked lots, bounced on birthing ball, sex, 2 sessions of reflexology, 1 session accupuncture, 3 sweeps and my waters broke. They still induced me 3 days after water broke.
    Try to relax and it'll happen when you and baby are ready. Good luck. Suz x
  • Hi

    I used Caullophyllum and evening primrose oil (you are also supposed to insert it internally also but not if your waters have already gone). This is what I did second time round and contractions started early hours of the morning after taking the caullophyllum don't if I would have just naturally gone or if the caullohyllum did it?
  • Whats this i hear about lavender oil?? whats it supposed to do and how do u use it?? Also where can i buy Rasberry leaf tea?? Can i get it just from the superarket?? I know lil miss will probally just come wen she's ready but theres no harm in me trying to speed things up image xxx
  • emmatc85 -hi you can buy Raspberry leaft tea (RLT) from Holland and can also buy them in tablet form as they are supposed to be more effective.......

    i have been taking the tea which doesnt taste too bad

  • Hi emmatc85 the tablets from holland and barratt are great i have been taking them, i think they were ??6.50 for 100 capsules and if u want u can actually open them up and use to make tea, it suggests on the bottle anyway, i havent done that though just taken them as tablets.
    Be careful when you start taking them though as i heard all sorts of different things, that you shouldnt take them before 34, 35, 36, 37 weeks. In the end i asked the midwife and she said start taking them at 37 weeks but i know diff people have been advised different things.
    39 +4
  • whats the problem with taking them before 37 weeks im just coming up to 34 weeks but i know my lil miss is a chunky lil madam image Can it do harm to baby before a certain time?? xx
  • well i am due in 4 days and i have tried everything except the castor oil i am so fed up i want her out!!! i was naive enough to think being my 4th she would have been here already.... they just come when they are ready!!
  • Hey hun, don't wish her to come too early at 34/35 weeks she still has developing to do. Also just because they have told you she is a large baby doesn't necessarily mean she is. I have read on here loads of times of people being told they are having large babies and them only be 7 or 8lb. Plus even if she is big it doesn't mean her lungs are fully matured yet.

    I took rasberry leaf tea/ tablets from 37 weeks with my last pregnancy, my midwife advised me not to take it before then so as not to encourage my lo to arrive too soon. I went 4 days overdue and was convinced he was going to be huge but he was only 7lb3oz.

    Good luck xxx
  • Emma. Like LizB said - if your bubba were to be born now then there is a chance shed have breathing problems and need special care, this chance gets lower every week until 37 weeks (although by 35/36 weeks most babies are ok without SCBU, and can stay with their mummies - but you still want her to mature a bit more, just to make sure).

    Having said that though, RLT doesn't actually induce labour, (unless baby is ready anyway), all it does is tone up your uterus to make the pushing stage easier, so it is probably fine for you to start taking now, I think that the only reason some of the guidlines say "37 weeks" is just to make absolutely sure (they don't want to be blamed for premmie babies - even though these babies would probably have been prem anyway). If you do start now though - i'd just stick to one or two cups a day, (just to be sure) and build up to 3 or 4 once you get to 37 weeks.

  • Thanks for advice, and i really obviously want whats best for my lil miss but cant help feeling really hopeless image I have the midwife again on wednesday to c how her growth is and hopefully its settled down a bit as think im just getting really scared of giving birth especially if she's gunna be a lil chunk, My first child weighed 7lb 8oz and that was hard enough. That was 6 n half years ago now n Im far more scared this time round xxxxx
  • Ive now started drinking the rlt which btw is yummy image is there a liit on how much i can drink?? Also im intrieged as to what actually is castor oil??? Dont worry im not thinking about drinking any am just curious as i thought it was stuff u put into a car which really cant be good for u or the baby xxx
  • BTW i meant limit not liit my damn M button is on the brink image xxx
  • hi i have heard clary sage essential oils ig great my sister used it at night while she had a shower just before she went to bed at 11 an at 5 she was in full oabour its on the internet somewere about it,ill use it when i have another an i was induced with both of mine an dont want it works bye making you shouldnt use before 37 weeks tho.x
  • Did it do anything Queen Bee?? xx
  • i've used clarysage oil everynight from 37 weeks and still no baby!! 40+5 I've also been taking raspberry leaf tablets in hope that the labour will be shorter and tried sex, walking, curry and anything else i can think of but although this is my 4th there is still no sign!! It all comes down to they will come when they are ready!! I just wish it would be soon!!
  • I really feel for u michelle, at least u know u have a maximum of a week until ur baby arrives. I bet u cant wait xxxx
  • I've just been for a sweep and the midwife said my cervix is not ready so she would be suprised if i went into labour in the next day or two!!!
    I'm really fed up now! but i'm going for another sweep on monday and the midwife is coming to see me on wednesday! hopefully i will start naturaly as i really want a homebirth but if not i'm booked in next friday!
    As i say nothing will start labour if your body and baby are not ready!! sorry! xx
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