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How accurate is E.D.D?

Hi there I'm 37weeks now and really stressed out!! My husband and me are both in the forces and he's just been told that he's put on a detachment to U.S. for a week starting from the end of the month. Although my E.D.D is the 13th of Apr I could be giving a birth anytime now and he might not be able to be there for me. :cry:
Just wanted to see if babies actually arrived near E.D.D. for others.


  • That is disgusting are they allowed to do that, isnt there someone else who doesnt have a pregnant wife who can go. My dad was in the army & he was there for all of our births, all 3 of us. I dont know how it works these days. but that is terrible that they can do that. Damn Toni Blaire & his war munger friend Bush.

    I dont think the edd is spot on but its always around that date, mayb a week either way. Unless premature or overdue. I wish u all the luck in the world. The whole army thing drives me mad!
  • hi,
    They usually say 2 weeks either way from E.D.D. Not many babies are actually born on the E.D.D mine certainly wernt!
    Toni x
  • hi you must be feeling crappy. my fiance is currently deployed in iraq and will more than likely miss the birth of our first baby (due may 2nd) image
    i was told to give a week either way from my e.d.d all doctors seem to say different things! I suppose babies will come when they are ready nothing can ever be accurate with them!
    I just hope everything goes well for you and your husband is back in time. . fingers crossed for you, i know exactly how your feeling. Sophia x x x
  • my son was born 2 days after my due date so it wasn't that far off... I think it's about 5% of births land on the actuall due date but the rest are either 7 days either way like the others said...

    fingers crossed baby can stay in there until the right time. x :\)
  • aww thats terrible hun! i hope bump can stay till he gets home!
    my son was 16 day overdue, im now 37 weeks with my second.. so to be honest im preparing for a long haul again.... but htey do say 2 weeks either side of edd bambino can arrive.

    chin up hun.. keep positive!! :\)
  • My little boy came 11 days early. I was booked in for a c-section 7 days before my EDD coz he was breech but he decided he couldn't wait that long and I had to go in four days before that in the early stages of labour and they bought the c-section forward. It may have been because we tried having him turned a week earlier though coz since then I had been having contractions on and off. So he may have hung on closer to EDD if that hadn't have happened.
  • Hi girls thanks for the reply. There are plenty of single guys out there who'd be happy to go outside the country why does it have to be my hubby!! I'm fuming but unfortunately that's the way it is. 2weeks either way seems like the answer to my question and I can only hope that my baby can hold on to it till his daddy comes back.
    Sophia, I hope somehow your fiance can make it too.


  • Hi Bambi. Just hoping he will be here for you when bubs arrives, i know exactly how your feeling. I hope my fiance can get beck too, horrible isnt it??
    Lots of luck and love from me & baby x sophia x
  • I was given 28/11 as my edd, then they changed it to 7/12. She arrived on 19/12. very healthy at 9lb 6oz. So edd? what's that?
  • I,ve been really lucky (so far). I have had two sons on their due dates and and 1 son 5 days early. But this time any thing could happen.
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