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water birth and waters breaking?

Hi Everyone
just wondered, I can't find anywhere that says you can't have a water birth if your waters have broken, but I have read that you should stick to showers instead of baths due to risk of infection.

Has anyone had a water birth after their waters have broken? Just want to prepare myself if that's the case coz I really want a water birth.

Em x


  • Hi Em, I think it could be that at home in the bath is not a sterile place whereas in hospital it is (or should be). I haven't been told that I can't have one either if my waters break, hope this isn't the case as I really want to try the pool! Tammi xxx
  • Thanks Tammi
    went to see it last night at hospital, she turned water on for me, it was so warm and pool is really deep, looks dead inviting, hubby can go in too which is nice. Not long now hey?

    Em x
  • The birthing pool at our hospital looked really good too and they dim the lights and the whole room sparkles and has mobiles hanging from the celling so its suppose to be really calming and relaxing! To be honest baby Scott can put in an appearance any time he / she likes as I am getting so fed up now! How are you both coping? Tammi xxx
  • Ha, yeah Caz I did wonder that, this pregnancy brain hey?

    Tammi - your birthing room sounds lovely, I'm sooo jealous now, ours isn't at all like that but would be nice if they dim the light, I have packed candles!! haha, it did say on website you can take them but when I asked was told no, sod it, I'm taking them anyway.

    I'm ready for our LO too now but my parents have just gone on hols for 2 weeks and I don't want her to arrive til they're back, neither does my mum! First grandchild! But glad the heat has eased a bit coz I had a rotten weekend, not that I want the sun to go. It can stay.

    Em x
  • Soz you had a bad weekend, was it coz it was so hot? I finish work tomorrow so as long as I have time to get the house clean and sort out a few last minute bits then baby can come asap. I would take the candles too, doubt they will argue with you when you are in labour! Hope you hold on for your mum & dad coming back! Txxx
  • yeah, and coming up to end of pregnancy niggles.
    well finghers crossed baby scott comes soon, will be watching the June forum closely over the next few weeks I reckon it's all gonna start kicking off soon.

    Enjoy your last day tomorrow.

    take care
    Em x
  • Hi my waters broke at 8 30 in the morning although I only had trickles then until a big gush at 2.30 then got in the pool at 3.30 and had my lo in the pool at 6pm.
    It is fine to get in the pool after your waters break except if there is meconium (ie your waters are not clear) or if they broke more than 24 hours before and you are not in labour due to risk of infection xx
  • wow arg, I hope mine is like that! thanks for the info.
    Em x
  • When I had my daughter I didn't know you werent meant to get in the bath once waters had gone! My waters went at 1am and I got in the bath a couple of hours later while still at home. She was fine but wish someone had told me! At least I know now and will wait to get into birthing pool at hospital.

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