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what to expect ????

so ive got my midwife appointment tomorrow morning and that is my due date. i was wondering what the usual is, my clinic is only open tuesdays and thursdays, so will they book an induction date tomoz or what?

so confused, first time mum so i dont know what the usual procedure is ? xxxxx

thanks for any info susan 39 weeks and 6 days xxx

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  • Hey susan, hope your doing ok. They may do a stretch and sweep tomorrow, which is stimulation of the cervix to try and get things moving. If this was to fail then they would probably induce you but they would definately let you know when- or they might just book you in tomorrow- totally depends on the pregnancy as everyone is diff! Best of luck- my son is 8wks now, im also a first time mum- amazing experience xxxx
  • thanks hunni, i have been looking foward to my due date but really doubt anything is gonna start tomoro, congrats on ur little one hope all is going well, i cant believe i am actually excited bout sleepless nights and changing nappys lol

    x x x x x x
  • One thing i learned is they come when they are ready lol no one can get em out if they are cosy! i was a week early to be honest but knew i was close from week 37. It is very hard work but worth it- all the best with the birth bet your feeling a number of emotions xxx
  • lol i agree with you on that one, i think she is way too cosy to stick to her due date. its annoying because you wait so long for your due date but then when u finally get there you realise baby is the one in control of when it will happen and so im trying not to get excited as i dont wanna b dissapointed image xx
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