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due 2day

im due 2day not feelin any diffrent lol bored of waitin i had a curry and loads of sex last nite but no diffrent and more tips on how to bring labour on i have been walking too this mornin wb x:roll:


  • Hi mommynatz1

    I haven't got any tips sorry I had Hannah by emergancy c-section.

    Thought i'd say good luck hope it all goes well for you let us all know what you have.

    x x x
  • You could ask your MW for a sweep, its a bit uncomfortable but doesn't hurt. If you're "ripe" it might help to kick things off. Although I had two and neither worked!

    Good luck x
  • have you gt an exercise ball? im certain that lots and lots of long walks and bouncing on my ball instead of sitting on the setee is what brought my LO a day early! good luck, i know its frustrating but they'll arrive b4 you know it image X
  • whats your problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • H there Pen, ignore em its sum1 whos logged on with nothing better to do, they popped up otherday on pregnancy as Grannyvera now they r bk as granvera, just sum1 whos out to upset people they av been reported tho so hopefully they will b kicked off soon. Hope every1 is well
    Adele xxx
  • hi. i was wondering what was going on as heard alot of negative comms about them. so childish.
  • ok sorry about this but I saw a tv programme recently on what "things" can bring on labour and it says to "tweaking the nipples" makes the uterus contract naturally which can then bring on labour lololol.....I cant remember which flippin programme it was but hey if it erm get tweaking lol
  • Hi
    Just wanted to add that I went 10days over with my first and I went for long walks, ate hot currys, ate tonnes of fresh pineapple (yuck!), had lots of sex, drank raspberry leaf tea and had 2membrane sweeps, and I still had to be induced and eventually ended up having emergency section coz he just dint wana cum out. All these things will make u feel like ur doing sumfin but i dnt fink they actually work baby will cum wen it wants, in a case of playing the waiting game now. Hopefully u wnt be waiting to long tho. Gud luk, Kerry xxx
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